And the fairy that has been concerned about many years | My self-friendly: It is a person who is anxious to be anxious?

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And the fairy that has been concerned about many years | My self-friendly: It is a person who is anxious to be anxious?

2021-11-27 18:07:49 23 ℃

I really love my job, this is going to be the luckiest thing in my life.

Women walk in the world, I have been trapped in the bitterness of the skin, but I will be withdrawal from this kind of sleep because of the end of the way.

Now think about the time because of the shape of the shape, it is really true, and it is more true, and it is in the later stage of the appearance, in my sharing and description, my side, I attracted so many kinds Road girl. They walked together with me, but they didn't rush and firm themselves like me. Content creation requires that I always maintain a high sensitivity, so there is a thing that is always the focus of my job, is constant to find a chance to listen to the idea of ​​the fairy. However, in the process of encouraging everyone to pursue the freedom of appearance, the farewell, I have always thought about a problem. I have constantly sharing beauty, even more precisely in the details, then, is I am also a person who spreads the color? In any industry, doing any business, in fact, there is such a stage of seeking a self-evidence, I want to know my own value, and I want to know this work breakthrough in the basic paste temperature sature, beyond the meaning of the show. I want to know that while the six years of growing, those who have always accompany my fairy, what are they experienced, they are thinking, what choices they will make. The shake finally has more than 700,000 fans. Honestly, as a very early batch of face accounts, the basic aesthetic medical beauty has been driving light, but I must not satisfy these so so this is like this. On the platform, I decided to do some content I have always wanted, and I don't care about the data traffic, only care about the quality.

Because I believe that people who like me will always stay.

We invited the fans who pay attention to my time, and let me chat with me.

On the one hand, it is more important to see face analysis for him or her, it is to talk about her value confusion.

The first phase of the video programs, chatting with me is a girl who is paying attention to me for many years, and I have a postgraduate student in Fudan, staying in France, gentle and lacking, logic.

"I feel that I have nothing to do with Fudan. I feel that I have a long look more important. I haven't seen it more." The following is the full version of the video.

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Refresh I have unintentionally criticized any kind of cognition, all of us guiding our thinking, it is possible to stand in the starting point of others, it is not enough to overthrow others. Let me swaying that such an excellent girl is ignored by himself. This ignored surface is because of the color of the anxiety, but this is actually a result, deeper reason, is from the most fundamental for women. The oppression, an unconscious oppression. What is real anxiety? Not anxious, you are not good enough. Instead, love is beautiful, will be blinded, no brain, and it is determined that I don't have enough faces. Don't love beautiful, but it will be compared to the shape, and it is not enough to blame everything. Women's greatest oppression, whether in any period, there will always have a clear article to determine her behavior, imprison her thoughts. In the interview, Xiao Wei said to me, after the first unsuccessful medical beauty experience, she fell into the state of negative "counter", knowing that she didn't look good, but still did not dress, not maintained, because I always feel that I'm not satisfied, how to do it. At that moment, I suddenly realized that the solution to the color of the value is not no longer promoting the beauty, and the way. For example, many fairy have acne in adolescence. In the teenager, this is very influential, but it is often ignored this, and it is often important, and it is precisely, and even presses criticized children. Excessive attention to skin and shape. However, such a way of handling is often often buried, and the seeds that grow up, excessively inferior, and the sense of crisis is the driving force of human development, and moderate anxiety is also possible. When we are dissatisfied with you, and the sound of the surroundings are suppressing this unsatisfactory, we have no way to face this very normal dissatisfaction, so it will be extended and distorted into greater anxiety, and finally Impact our judgment and choice. Excessive plastic surgery, crazy consumption, hunger strikes, these comes from the needs of the previously not attached. So, I want to say that girls, when we feel that they are not good enough, then go hard to see,

The photo can be made as you like, and the lipstick can also choose you without being embarrassed, and you don't have to worry about evaluation. Inner construction is multi-dimensional, color value is just one of the extremely tiny elements. When our choices will always follow the inner, we can get real freedom, and it is possible to make confidence becomes true and long, no longer treat it as a slogan, such as a paper.

Xiaoyu fairy is the old fans who pay attention to me. In fact, many fairy like her, gave me growth, and the church. After the video recording ended, she wrote a long WeChat news to me.

"I still don't want to sleep, I don't want to end this super dream a beautiful day. Super Thank you, all the goodwill and encouragement received this day, I think it will be the source of strength for a long time, will bring me a lot. Change. Help me convey it to the little enthusiasm, she is really great, doing especially very meaningful and even the great thing can be used, because her existence gives a lot of most girls like me. Let us walk a lot less, and gradually find yourself, let us find the direction, and have courage to become better. At least for me, saying that I have changed my life. I It turned out that because of the inferiority, I didn't dare to pursue my own desired. I also afraid that others have been abandoned and constantly pleased others, I don't dare to have in-depth contact with others even have social dysfunction. I feel that I don't have a good. Things, do not match the beauty. Even in a way, I feel that anyway, I don't have to make a beauty, it is better not to do it. Thus, I have been taking the tattoos, and I have got it. I have to go out of the house in the house, paralyzes all the virtual things such as idols, chasing stars, etc., live in the world of virtual fantasies. But I am also envious of the wonderful life of others on the other hand. But every time I want to try it, it seems that there is a voice and saying that you can't do it. Do you have someone so good? Do you have some love, can you succeed, you can only have the poor Self-esteem, don't take it back. Thus, I have been living in constant internal consumption, caught in a self-consciousness, I feel that I can't do anything about myself, one is really not doing it. Thus, in a constant negative cycle, it seems to have a black vortex, I want to escape the abyss that is taken up again and again. There is even a period of extreme entanglement until it causes depression. Because Improvised as a color value decision everything, the beautiful talent may be liked, and once a period of time has a deep obsession, a fantasy plastic surge change, I am plastic into everyone, I like it. Some people like it. The world will be different, I can see you can get everyone's favor, and put all the expectations fantasy, once you want to have a bone, orthomodium, humerus, and the temples As long as it is brushing to what is effective, it is because I have already put all the hopes in the shaping, it is not dare to start, it seems that I have been set to Daddaros and Apple can't get it. Every time I want to try it, I have a voice asking you that you will be as beautiful as others, don't dream, don't try at least an excuse, there is a fantasy, I can think about it, but no The effect may even last comfort, what do you do? What can you do again? If you say that online casually, there are so many plastic failure cases, you don't know how to see it, you can see it. It has been scared for plastic surgery. Later, it is really fortunate to see Xiaoji. The public number, becoming a small fans, remember the first plastic husband, you, the expression package, see the original shaping is not only the truncation, there are many ways to make people I have met a lot of projects; I will go to the plastic slim Talk column. I have seen so many cases of little fairy to become aesthetic. It turns out that everyone has similar problems. It is not only a person being plagued, and the little fairy after being transformed. It's so beautiful, and I want to join everyone's ideas; when I see many other fans plastic surgery, the changes in front and rear are envious, but I still don't dare to try because I have always been inferitable, but it seems to be As a brave, beautiful seeds in my heart germination. Later, I later saw the different beauty, analyzing the different qualities of the beauty, let me discover and understand the beauty is not only one way, not now popular melon face, the big eyes are beautiful, the original The round face can be beautiful. In the constant reading of the small squirrel, I seem to have gradually established my aesthetic cognition, not just a single pursuit and who who who is. Later, I gradually established a cognitive and understanding of the medical beauty in the literacy and dry sharing of Xiaoji, and the beauty is not so magical. It will not be magical to change the fate, let you become another person, nor is it so Horror, it will stilute it will leave scars, but medical beauty can improve some of their own shortcomings and carry forward their own advantages and become better yourself. In the end, I saw that the little enthusiasm began to look at the face and recruited the courage to report. Until this time I saw a little strange and had a better understanding of her, how good is she is, how good is the girl who is really wanting to help each is still being compressed by the wind. And this time, I really cut the little stunning is the most sincere and sincere and sincere and you are in communication. I am really careful, respectful, respectful, Every suggestion and analysis of her is really for you from your own itself. I don't exquisitely say that I feel that the fans who are treated and become a strange fans are really lucky.

Now I recalled the most profound picture in my mind. When we were shooting, everyone sat on the sofa and dinner, Xiaoji sat on the opposite bar chair back to us, next to our summary, next to the beauty of the United States to buyFat meal, she started to eat, and now I regret that I didn't take a photo at the time, but I thought this picture has been collected in my heart. The most important room.Recently, I saw a few small jams were attacked by the game. I wanted to come to the oil. I will continue to do it. The little enthusiasm will become more and more hot, help more girls find it.I am, no matter when, we are in the loyalty ~ "