65-year-old "Herit Girl President" tells us: hipster, regardless of age

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65-year-old "Herit Girl President" tells us: hipster, regardless of age

2021-11-27 18:07:24 29 ℃

Reference to "high positions", the first time we may think of the dress code is "serious, monotonous," and for 65 years of age, most people think of is "boring" or "conservative."

However, what there is such a woman, with their mix of people around the world to break the stereotype of the financial community for mature woman for. She is France's longest-serving finance minister, also International Monetary Fund (IMF) the first female president in history - Christine Lagarde (Christine Lagarde).

"Forbes" magazine, said she was "most powerful women", it was said that she was "financial sector Coco Chanel". Because, and dress relatively dull compared to financial bigwigs, superior operational capacity Christine Lagarde, the aesthetic force is first class.

While in positions of Christine Lagarde may have to spend a lot of time at work every day, but it is no match in the way of her effort is needed. Her style of dress both generous and bold, whether in clothing or jewelry details on color, can reflect her beauty, no wonder she boarded the "Vanity Fair" international best-dressed list yet.

As a "high-handed female president", Christine Lagarde favorite suit should be regarded as a single product. Want to dress gas field plus, of course, with the same color. A white or, a black whether, in short, the same color on the lower body, that is, more people looked neat, stylish.

In addition to black, white, women in the workplace who love gray suit Christine Lagarde did not want, but brooches, necklaces for a change, even if the same set of clothes, the same can not wear clothing bored freshness.

In addition to a neutral color like black and white ash, Christine Lagarde for the bright color also quite adventurous.

She had a blue suit with a lake boarded the magazine cover with a picture of her sense of both power and it looks full of vitality. However, a high-profile color clothing, accessories low-key color will. In this match in, Christine Lagarde to use a pair of relatively weak sense of presence of nude color heels to go with lake blue suit, shows her rational side of moderation.

Too formal sense of the full suite too common, with details to make it come alive with, it has a personality. Like this strong sense of business suits following figure, as long as such as Christine Lagarde, in his pockets plus a small square, just a little more elegant sense of gentlewomen.

Speak true, Christine Lagarde for "how to make jewelry dress elegance" is really quite the experience.

After the example in the figure below black suit suit, but the style point of view is more prosaic, but Christine Lagarde shoulder to catch a long scarf, the overall shape immediately become clever, especially up.

This "shoulder ride scarf" approach also became one of Christine Lagarde dress flag scarf vertical contours of her body look taller pick, but also make full sense of the suit becomes a serious romantic , elegant, but did not affect her sense of authority, very suitable for Christine Lagarde.

It seems the so-called style, it is repeated day after day.

In addition to the traditional suit material suit, Christine Lagarde also very fond of relatively soft tweed material, a tweed suit to wear, neither want to spend too much time with, and can easily get sense.

And British Gas full suit suit compared to the same tweed suit with a formal sense, but a little more soft and elegant, put it, strong woman can also have a softer side.

Although not very young, but Christine Lagarde for the conservative style of dress never, occasionally also challenge the young people like the style. The following figure like this machine wagon jacket she tried, her handsome leather jacket and short hair style is very harmonious, combining different materials black, so black with a very layered look, is not boring.

Young people like leather pants Christine Lagarde also challenged, with a tweed jacket, the overall effect is simple and stylish, and black suit pants compared tweed + leather pants LOOK more tension in style, it more lively.

Christine Lagarde 65-year-old "high-handed female president" tells us in her match: fashionable, regardless of age. No matter what age a woman in the state and work in, should not give up on their appearance management.

The aesthetic force, is worth a lifetime to what we practice.

With it, a woman's charm can not be sacrificed time, but over time, becoming more and more attractive and influence.

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