Nomos launched orion33 golden and 0 rion38 silver pair

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Nomos launched orion33 golden and 0 rion38 silver pair

2021-11-28 00:10:40 20 ℃

[Watch Home Brand News] Since its establishment in 1990, NOMOS has always adhered to the HOUS design style and self-made movement tradition, presented a series of extremely simple and very personalized hourgons. Today, the brand launches Orion 33 Gold (Model: 358) and 0 rion 38 silver (model: 378) to the table, injecting fresh and energetic.

The new wrist table is thin, simple and exquisite, pay tribute to the Grasuri table school and the golden golden 20s. Women are suitable for women: Orion 33 gold models are suitable for women, while the ears long, the time in the ears, the alternative and exquisite men can also wear; 0 rion 38 silver model is suitable for male lovers, but women wear can also show personality Style.

Orion 33 gold models use polished gold-plated dials, with silver plated surface stickers; 0 rion 38 silver models use polished silver plated dials, with gold-plated parallel stickers, form a stark contrast, clear readiness. The disc is neat, elegant, continuous, and has a central time point, a small second disk (6 o'clock position), a worm-shaped pattern. Two watches are very slim, Orion 33 gold has a thickness of 8.5 mm, 0 rion 38 silver has a thickness of 8.9 mm.

The new watch is equipped with brand first self-made movement Alpha, which is well-made, and has a classic four-quarters of three-fold plates, Glasii and blue steel screws. The Alpha movement has only 2.6 mm, and the vibration frequency is 21,600 times / h.

It is reported that Orion 33 golden models come with gray suede leather strap, standard price of 1,460 euros, equivalent to approximately 10,500 yuan; 0 rion 38 silver model with the contrast black suede leather strap, price price of 1,600 Euro, equivalent to RMB approximately 11,500 yuan. (Photo / Watch Watch House Xu Chaoyang)