Why do you pay attention to the body fat ratio?How to avoid muscle loss, reduce fat does not lose weight?

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Why do you pay attention to the body fat ratio?How to avoid muscle loss, reduce fat does not lose weight?

2021-11-28 00:10:52 16 ℃

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Most people want their own body outstanding, but many people have been easily gathered for a certain older.

Good body needs usually self-discipline, people with fat need to lose weight, while weight loss needs to choose the method, not simple attention to weight.

Many people pay more attention to weight in the process of weight loss, thinking that weight is falling, and the body will get better. However, in the process of weight loss, if you lose your muscles, moisture, not fat, then the body is unable to really become.

The key to weight loss is to lose fat, not weight loss. Only if there is no reduction in the muscle, you can really lose weight, slowly have a good body.

The volume of fat is three times the muscles, and the muscles are energy consuming tissues, while fat belongs to the energy storage substance. The heat consumed daily with the muscle is several times that of fat.

People who lose weight should be obvious: weight is not important, and the physical fat ratio is the key to fat. At the same time increase the muscle content while damaging the fat, the weight will not change much, but your body will become better, you can maintain a strong basic metabolism, create a true easy skin, stay away from the fat Plast.

How can I avoid muscle decomposition while damaging fat, improve my muscles? These three methods are worth learning:

1, avoid excessive dieting

Many people will lose weight to choose diet, only a few hundred cards per day to achieve the purpose of rapid weight loss. However, during this process, the muscles act as a energy consumption, its loss is faster than fat, and the basic metabolism will fall, and it will rebound quickly after restoring the diet.

Want to lose weight healthily, it is recommended that the calorie intake daily is greater than the body base metabolism, in order to ensure the basic operational needs of the body, avoid the body to fall into the hunger, resulting in muscle loss.

During weight loss, we reduce the amount of calories should not exceed 30%. If you usually take a 3,000-large card, you can reduce the 2,100-2500 card during weight loss, create a reasonable heat gap to the body, promote the decline in the lipstick rate.

2, do strength training

During the weight loss, don't just do aerobic exercise, and add strength training, shorten the time of aerobic exercise, so that you can lose fat.

Long-term low-intensity aerobic sports will cause muscle loss, and after weight loss, the body is easy to rebound, we have to control aerobic exercise time in 40 minutes, this time length is relatively small for muscles.

In addition, we must step by step into improvement of aerobic movement, try jump, boxing, opening and closing, Hiit intermittent training, etc., can simultaneously avoid the decomposition of muscles while

In order to improve the muscle content, we can carry out 2-3 anti-resistance training in one week, start from the composite movement, the introduction, push-up, bow steps, etc., can strengthen the body muscle group, improve the body ratio, thin up It will also be more effective, and the tricks can be reduced.

3, replenish high protein food

The synthesis of muscles is inseparable from the growth of the amino acid to provide raw material support, while the high protein food is decomposed is the amino acid required for the body. During our weight loss, we can't pay too much, and you need to supplement the protein required by the body, especially the eggs, dairy products, lean meat, chicken breast, beef, etc., so that muscle synthesis efficiency can be improved.

The protein content of different foods is different, and the body should be added 1.2g protein / kg weight every day. If your weight is 70kg, then add 84g of protein.


During the weight loss, don't excessively valued weight, but you need to pay attention to your body fat ratio and muscle content, only loss of fat, you can improve the success rate of weight loss.

During weight loss, more power training, supplement high quality proteins, reduce the length of aerobic exercise, is an effective method for preventing muscle loss.