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Sea Blue Bao Jewelry

2021-11-28 06:08:44 23 ℃

1) The classics will never have time, the glass is full, the color is nothing, 18K Sea Blue Bao Diamond ear nail!Sea Blue Bao 7.8 carat!Diamond 0.4 carat!Weight of 4.3 grams!

2) The preferred price of the sparkling sea blue boots, the price is invincible, the main stone color / crystal is very good, 18K Sea Blue Bao Diamond ear nail!Halabao 11.6 carat!Diamond 0.86 carat!Weight 6.6 grams!

3) Vitreous, the whole net, the sea, blue treasures, classic style, simple atmosphere, 18k sea blue treasure diamond ring pendant dual-use!Halabao 13 carat!Diamond 0.98k!Weight 10.64 grams!

4) [High-end custom sea blue treasure big pendant] 18K gold partner inlaid high quality sea blue treasure pendant, full of hot body, low color, quality luxury, buy is earned!Heavy weight: 75.9g, Seafebao: 228.5CT, diamond: 129.

5) 18K Jinhai Bluebao lock bone chain, stone weight: 3.4 carat, golden weight: 2.25 grams, diamond: 16, style exquisite fashion is very good, cut the fire color is super good, the real thing is more beautiful.