Tan Xiaoyan: Find a rhinoplasty of your own

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Tan Xiaoyan: Find a rhinoplasty of your own

2021-11-28 06:08:44 29 ℃

If the nose is too low, it will give people a very flat impression, especially the left eye and the right eye symmetrical, which will give people a feeling of sticking together and very unbalanced, and a nose that collapse is suddenly high Tang it, the visual effect of the eye will also stand up, and immediately give a very stereoscopic feeling.

1, prosthetic rhinoplasty

It is now highly popular in the domestic and popular surgical methods to implant the artificial prosthesis.

Prosthetic rhinoplasty and implantation of ears and ribs need to be worried than manual prosthesis than surgery, but only need to leave scars from the inner implant from the nostrils, and the doctor can make it according to your own needs. Make more artificial prosthesis with your facial features. Moreover, relative to other rhinoplasty surgery is lower, the time is shorter, and the experienced doctor can complete the surgery for about 15 to 30 minutes. It can be swollen and swollen and can resume the normal life rhythm.

2, cartilage implantation

Although it is a prosthesis, many of the prosthesis, there is a certain risk of artificial creativity, and the ears of cartilage or ribs are their own cartilage tissue, although there must be absorbent, it does not produce the effect, and the ear is very soft and very soft. Flexible, more shape in the doctor's main knife. .

Although the surgery is extremely complex, the non-experienced doctor is a surgery that does not dare to be the main knife, but it is implanted with cartilage tissue, but it is natural to make a high impression before it is natural. It is simply one-step half-permanent rhinoplasty.

Moreover, the autologous cartilage can not only be transplanted into the nasal sideways, but the role of the mountain root can also be transplanted into the nose and the nose and the nose.

3, rhinoplasty combined with artificial prosthesis and cartilage

The above two kinds of rhinoplasty have their own limitations. The prosthesis transplant will cause harm to the tip of the nose. Smile is not natural. The ears of soft bone transplantation has about 30% of the absorption effect, resulting in surgery to achieve the ideal results. Therefore, the rhinophesis that combines the combination of the artificial prosthesis and cartilage tissue, which reduces the harm of artificial prosthesis and offset the effect of cartilage tissue being absorbed.

The nose root part uses artificial prosthesis, and the nose and nasal column part uses cartilage tissue, which can ensure that all year round does not absorb and reach very high safety, almost the ideal rhinoplasty.