After cooling, there is a tasteful woman, it will apply these 4 brows, age-age and white

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After cooling, there is a tasteful woman, it will apply these 4 brows, age-age and white

2021-11-28 06:08:56 30 ℃

Text / small chirp

Hi, Hello, everyone, I am a little chirp, change the United States to help you correct errors, change the United States the right to open your journey ~

After cooling as if the color and atmosphere around the dark silence of many, winter bleak and strong sense of melancholy up, but we are also a variety of wardrobe dull, heavy clothing to occupy.

Therefore, Nama color on the lips played a key role, so lip color to resolve the entire winter lonely and boring.

But many sisters will choose the heavier mouth, rich ruby ​​color number to hold up the overall color and gas field, but too much lip color not everyone is perfectly manageable.

So little chirp to a selection of four sisters and by age was white mouth red numbers, the daily commute out to the streets, dating, meet the parents are appropriate, tasteful you with a look.

1, tf black tubules 24

Color the old, but still see today when its color.

24 color and spicy chicken tear kinda like, are warm earth tones orange-brown, but through some of the 24 will be lighter.

24 On the basis of the orange-brown tone on tone also add a touch of red, it is impossible for anyone to refuse it, naturally brighten the complexion, bringing advanced color, even if it is yellow sisters also did not ye afraid of.

Texture is quite good, there is an in matt moist feeling, but not glowing shine is very advanced makeup.

Regardless thin coating or a thick coating will not let your makeup look Guadan and rich, very significant temperament, thick coating of orange-brown when it will be more obvious sense, coupled with khaki green eye shadow does not seem smear, but more comes with an especially soft feel, it can also be very gentle glamorous.

2, SIT.E lip glaze powder 01

SIT.E design is really very interesting, this is a lip glaze powder Lip Lip Glaze is a powder, lip glazes smooth and velvet skin feel is the ultimate comfort, overlapping lip powder coated finish is another kind of feeling, even matte makeup are able to set off beautifully full lips.

Appearance is also very minimalist design, for simple lovers really do not reject it.

01 is a darker red, lip glaze a little cool feeling Zaoni red, the gas field did not run the play, advanced sense of glamorous upper lip is blowing.

But after saturation will gray overlay pink lip color a little, a little less wanton publicity of the United States, and instantly have a sense of atmosphere cold beauty, but also less sense of attack lips brings.

01 just right to manifest your joy and a sense of extravagance retro, even without modification of eye makeup are so beautiful you effortlessly, not to mention the effect it was white, and yellow sisters safely coating, not at all heavy old-fashioned, the whole color instantly brightens.

Daily also want the publicity or low-key sense of distance, this will seal the deal a lip glaze powder.

3, perfect diary H13 cinnamon red wine taverns

Bistro series of texture is hard not to praise it, amidst the full sense, effectively hiding the lip and can make lips look sexy and full, film speed quickly, follow-up will not pull dry, autumn and winter too appropriate NS.

It is worth mentioning that it's a good outline lip brush, brush moderate hardness, unconsciously let you addicted.

And this temperament and Western style H13 rosy, was undoubtedly more intently.

Sisters Do not question it was white and by age effect, H13 purple tone does not look old, just the right sense of hummus and Meigui Zi stressed that it will not look old black and color, plus full of texture leaving Shuiguang its beauty to the extreme.

With a good makeup will also be able to lift the entire people of color are lit up, but also to continue to emit light Mature share a sense of gentle and intellectual atmosphere.

So the ultimate gentle and elegant, the color is between the lips can not help but daydream, it gives the nod chuckle inspiring tenderness, as if the winter chill are blown off.

4, splasheen spray matte lip cream gentle breeze 730

This lip cream, although a small minority, but really completely lost the previous branch.

Spray matte lip cream range from streamlined and efficient and practical concept, packaging design is simple and very winter feel atmosphere, this series of four-color number is also very suitable for Asian skin.

Of which 730 gentle breeze from the name is very poke people, it seems to have been able to feel its share of tenderness.

Of course, color is also very tender, warm beige naked, as if the light comes cooked and intellectual filters, makeup or makeup when the coated layer are filled with a different kind of gentle.

Bare also reveals a hint of apricot milk coffee tune, not old-fashioned nor immature, not easy to be no upper lip color, yellow and sisters can also be harnessed. Pseudo also daily makeup or the makeup of wild players, so a simple makeup or makeup when they are inadvertently exudes sophisticated elegance, calling it a makeup lipstick ceiling can not be overemphasized.

Fog fluffy texture is also a plus, also with a silky mouth feel a surge of moist, fall and winter dry coating will not pull out.

After cooling, the tasteful women will smear these lipsticks, sisters fast together on the arrangements for it, so this winter is full of infinite tenderness.

So today's content on here slightly, the sisters want to see what content can leave a message in the comments section where oh.

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