How to refuse styling monotonous?Autumn and winter use these 4 bags, the texture is full and very advanced

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How to refuse styling monotonous?Autumn and winter use these 4 bags, the texture is full and very advanced

2021-11-28 18:05:23 32 ℃

Today's outfit want to change the topic a central point, which is one of "bags" for the collection of the match. Many of the girls to be able to own a noble atmosphere of designer bags, often lay down a lot of things, from a contrasting style bags are also great for the role.

In addition to put on clothing than a single product, the accessories can take the bag to the extreme of people, is simply a master modeling world, do not look so meager role of a bag, but in reality it is still pretty strong practicality of it.

Various bags and clothing as a single product, there are different colors, you can create a sense of style is not unified, today to share it around this year's popular "four bags."

Decent bean bag, designed in the style very stereoscopic, square style look correct version, there is no excess fabric protruding ,, whole looks a little formal. Bags generally are more color-rich, can manage different costumes.

Open squares blue bag, very bright color, the color of the bag may be increased when used with temperament, with dark toner or solid toner is preferably warm, like take beige jacket and black pants very feminine.

Brown is more atmospheric, this type of bag models can be modified femininity and image, increase the feeling of gentle, different styles have different degrees of stunning, zipper-style design is more simple, and more suited to the needs of working women .

Too wide strap is not easily broken, leather fabrics for fall and winter, it will deepen the sense of art. White long-sleeved shirt as the ride outside with a sweater, take the skirt, integral single product is more sad, precisely coupled coffee color bag.

In addition to professional women who outside, if you want coffee color bag becomes more young feel, then the design style of the time, you can use this number more atmospheric, with a bag from the square will be more type.

Solid color knit sweater, the color is not uniform, even fabric is very structured, so wear warm and the style is very fixed, a knit cap with the body, niche and very pure flavor, the texture of tofu packets take a full full.

There are no lazy girls? When shaping the image, some girls do not want to use too much color to the outfit, so I think that a single color on the most suitable for you. White square of tofu bag, very pure lines and very theatrical.

Sweater with a high waist jacket, white pants, so wear very simple but useful sense, a white suit and white bag coordination is very strong, dark-colored belt with the body to avoid monotony, although overall are white, can be as small mature feeling full.

Hand bags than any other type of bag to be casual, it is not designed zipper, but the style of a small minority of ultra-easy to take, but also a high degree of comfort. This type of a single product can be used in ordinary outfit it can also be used in some formal modeling.

Occasionally leisure holiday little sisters, at the time of adoption of this outfit bag to match neither too cumbersome, they can give you put a lot of small things, it's off to open package packet mode is very simple.

In general this bag, laptop usage for more, this style of bag, compared diagonal design will be more simple, and will not be cumbersome, so this single product is often welcomed by many people .

Coat with trousers, you can not imagine this outfit, coupled with a portable hand bag is what kind of experience? First, solid-colored bag and did not let modeling becomes earthy and low-grade, followed by some official also so that the original image of relaxed.

When used daily loading, and it is natural smoothly, sweater and long sections are suitable for winter wear, a good warm effect, with wide leg pants ultra avant-garde, if you want more apparent leg length, then top with the election shorter.

Rustic sweater loose pants ride, accompanied by sports shoes, so the overall mix itself is very casual, light gray body with a small bag deepened a sense of simplicity and casual style, the overall impression is very approachable.

canvas bag

Canvas bag is simply a literary favorite of female students ah, this type of bag, back more than either students or recent graduates of girls is, in short, it is the cause of the fire yet, mainly because it is large enough style.

And the colors and patterns is more textured. There can be accommodated within a package of many things, back up when not so much the style of limitations, and is often used as a female college students are in class after class put the book a single product, so practicality is worthy of recognition.

So many colors canvas shoes, I think it is best to use beige. Warm tone beige always gives youth a sense of one kind of looming, and this color and not too glamorous, manageable clothing single product to compare open.

Like jeans with suspenders and when it presents a good fashion sense with it, although the color beige and black overalls great, but that does not affect the viability and it highlights the sense of it by age.

In addition to match outside the usual holiday shopping to go out shopping, a small bag of things can be put down so much, this time to bring a canvas bag, we can save a lot of energy and a sense of tedious for you.

Compared to those who fancy shopping bags, canvas bag solid color image display more suitable for you, but it does not look so earthy and popular, can be left to others a little mysterious.

Small money bag

We introduced over a square of tofu bags, stretch-type bag and close after canvas bag, our last look at our little money bag. This type of single product outfit when, as often is more chance of accessories.

Because the package is relatively small, there is not much to get things, so when you look, there are very few people who really use them, the most is used as a piece of items.In the autumn and winter season, a coat, superimposed to form an effective advanced shape, when the small black is tested, can be modified in your body, and the color optionality of the outer mat is also.

The small square bag is designed to be very special, chocolate black small and atmospheric, with such a textured single product, as if temperament and image are optimized.

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