Submit fat, internal organs exceed the standard?These methods help you lose your fat and reduce the waist circumference

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Submit fat, internal organs exceed the standard?These methods help you lose your fat and reduce the waist circumference

2021-11-28 18:05:38 21 ℃

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What fat? Fat is the body's energy storage material, a relatively large volume of fat molecules, excess fat will increase the burden on the body, but also make your body fat.

Excessive fat content, is the main cause of body fat. The excessive subcutaneous fat, the body will make you look bloated, excessive visceral fat, the body can affect the internal organs of the movement, your stomach will become prominent, prone to various health problems.

If your stomach exception highlighting, for example: the boys waist circumference over 90cm, female waist circumference over 80cm, probably at the same time excessive subcutaneous fat, visceral fat is also excessive, and your athletic ability will decline, the people will become lazy, tired , appear high cholesterol, high blood pressure and other problems.

How to reduce the waistline? We need to lose excess body fat to slim down slowly, narrow waist and restore a flat belly.

A method of reducing the stomach can not rely on abdominal training, and the need to rely on body movement.

Local training is a common misunderstanding of reduced-fat, calorie consumption of local training is relatively low, and break down fat is systemic, whether you choose a local or systemic training exercise, fat decomposition are systemic in nature, we have to select riding, jogging, swimming, dancing, aerobics play like, effectively enhance the metabolic activity.

Suggestions, you can add strength training to enhance muscle dimensions, muscles can prop up the skin, improve skin laxity problems, but also to enhance the body's basal metabolic value. Strength training can be from push-ups, squats, hyperextension, tablet support, pull-ups and other actions to start, can effectively activate body muscles.

Aerobic exercise combined with strength training, adhere to one hour of exercise a day, can effectively enhance physical activity, metabolism, lose excess body fat, reduced subcutaneous fat with visceral fat, metabolism to maintain the body strong.

Long-term adherence fitness training, physical qualities you will gradually strengthen, help keep the body young state, resistance will be strengthened, effectively reducing the invasion of the disease.

Second, in order to improve the body's calorie gap, we also need to control calorie intake.

Usually to eat less of the burden of a large body of junk food, especially milk, biscuits, high-sugar foods like chocolate, fried and fatty foods, which will accelerate fat synthesis, while producing harmful substances harm health .

You have to learn a healthy diet, controlling daily caloric intake is lower than the body's heat output, in order to allow the body to continue burning fat.

Eat three meals a day recommended some high-fiber fruits and vegetables helps to scrape fat, such as broccoli, bitter gourd, melon, celery, grapefruit, strawberry-rich food, can promote the decomposition of fat, slowly reduce visceral fat.

In addition, you have to add some protein-rich foods, such as meat, dairy products, eggs, food, can give body to add amino acids, which can reduce the decomposition of muscles, but also enhance the thermic effect of food, help to inhibit fat accumulation.


Whether it is to lose body fat or visceral subcutaneous fat, we need to start from the diet with sports two two-pronged approach in order to enhance the efficiency of fat burning and restore a healthy physique with slim.

Fat loss is the need to insist on one thing, not be so anxious, you want to drop waist 5CM, you need to adhere to the diet at least two months or more, in order to feel decreased waist circumference.