The leggings are so fascinating, simple and thin, low-key, elegant, new

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The leggings are so fascinating, simple and thin, low-key, elegant, new

2021-11-28 18:06:02 23 ℃

The leggings are so charming, simple and very casual, low-key, elegant and new.

The matching of leggings is also very critical. Today, share the matching skills of trousers. Try to choose a V-neck or a word leggings to expose the neck and chest, and there is a feeling of extension. Wearing long leggings need to be done with an ankle, and the trousers that do not show an ankle will make the upper body more thin.

For short leggings, pay attention to the height of the waistline, if the waist line is not high enough, try to use high waist pants, trousers to match, put the upper clothes into the pants, this can play a more significant role. If you really want to wear long legs, remember to wear a high heel shoes, the shoes must be a little higher, it is best to say, if wearing flat shoes, it looks very short, not coordinated.

On the contrary, if the high heel shoes will make the upper body more difficult, and the high heels can play the role of the long leg line. If the slings are legged, try to use V-neck style, because the clothes are short, will show the neck, there is no V-neck, it seems that the body will be relatively bloated.

The waistline must be high, wearing this loose style leggings, it is best to wear nine points black, nine-point black slim pants have a lazy feeling, and the strap leggings are non-sleeved, can Wearing a jacket is blocked, which can increase a little bit of fairy.

The leggings with shoulder straps should be matched with a coat, and the leggings can take a slightly side design, which is more elegant. If there is no shoulder strap, don't use a coat, put this one Pants can be matched with a T-shirt or a shirt.

The pants on the pants will make the body more thin. If it is the leggings of the length of the length of the belt to the navel, you can choose to match a top, loosened sweater or a denim shirt can be used. Put the upper body.

Loose denim shirt can easily block a wide arm, but should pay attention to the shoulder wide sister can't wear the cowboy shirt of the fork, try to avoid such loose version. There is also a high-neck sweater, which can not only play a good modification, but also a better match.

If the shoulder width sister can choose this pants of the fork, if the fork to the navel will look very charming, the small V collar can expose the part of the neck, and smaller faces. Moreover, it is necessary to pay attention to the length of the clothing in the sweater, and the sleeves can choose a short bit, and the length of the clothing is kept on one horizontal line, which will lengthen your leg ratio.

Put the leggings inside the top of the trousers will appear short, such leggings can also play a good outstanding effect if it is a little design, and try to choose the upper clothes for the belt design, when matching Try not to choose a silent, the straw should not only modify the shortcomings of the face, but the silent should take the leg upwards, so that the whole person looks more tap.

The sister who covers the small belly with a shirt can wear a shirt, the shirt itself will have a waist design, and the collar of the shirt can expose the neck, the hem can wear a high waist black nine pants, such loose style The leggings will make the waistline look more obvious, and the nine pants will also be less embarrassed.

The leggings are so charming, simple and very casual, low-key, elegant and new.