Five lines clothing | On November 29, 2021 "Monday" wearing a good luck in five lines

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Five lines clothing | On November 29, 2021 "Monday" wearing a good luck in five lines

2021-11-28 18:05:49 28 ℃

Monday, November 29, 2021

Lunar calendar: October 25

Xin ug [cattle] year

Hihai Yue Xin Tianfu Day

· Tong dry land support

There is a golden gold in the sky, the land of the land is a fire, and it is the fire of the fire.

· I should avoid

Yizhong, marriage, payment, start, open, hook, seek, go to ten, sacrifice, open market, NaC, broken house, marry, pay voucher, seek medical treatment, plant, fast, ask for money, gift, recruit, Nas

Avoid moving, renovating, housing, motivate , Separation, account

· Twelve God

This date is breaking day: for the day of the battle, all the best, marriage harmony. Only medical diseases and go see the name. Every day, it is not advisable.

· Chongha ·

This day, the pig is a zodiac, so this day is not very beneficial to people who are pigs. It is not appropriate to do significant things, such as marry, opening, etc.

This day, God's position is in the east, and carefully act to the East.

· 吉 神 方

Fortune position: Zhengdong Fuze position: Southwest

Hi Shen: Southwest Great Meadow: Northwest

· Today's Ji Tet

Ugly 01: 00-02: 59 午 11: 00-12: 59

Chen time 07: 00-08: 59 Nothing 13: 00-14: 59

No. 19: 00-20: 59

· Chinese Zodiac ·

Teji Zhizhong: Niu, Chicken, Monkey

Seni Zhama: Sheep, Dragon, Snake

Today's decades: rat, tiger, pig

# 从 女 女 女 女 女 女 色 色 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 最 爱 最 最 爱 最 最 最 最 都 都 最 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 最 最 最 都 欧 都 都 欧 都 都 欧 都 都

The episode "soft cells" continued to broadcast, driving various small details in the drama, including plots, wearing, actors have become a recent topic hot search, which is the most topical in which gold high silver, playing the heroine, recent small compilation I found that she is essentially sweater in the play, the hat is rich, just through her dressing demonstration, 2011, autumn and winter, the Korean little sisters, the five popular colors are there!

# 静 蓝

In colors, there is a complementary color concept, which can make the overall atmosphere look brighter and harmonious, and yellow orange's complementary color is blue purple, which is often said, cold tone The clothes can effectively improve the face of Asian yellow-proof face, and there is a problem with dishes.

# 粉 紫

Continuing the complementary color concept of just mentioned, except for the neutral serenity blue, want to wear a sweet sense, and want to make the face color, you can replace the same as the yellow orange complement Pink purple. The matching method of 粉 卫 衣 is also very simple, simple set of cream white trousers or pleated skirts can be easily out of the door!

# 糖 棕

Caramel Brown continues hot in the autumn and winter, and has become one of the first major challenges of many brands to launch sweater products. Its popularity can even be colored with a classic evergreen color such as black, white, gray and dark blue.

# 黄 黄

Sweats and cap t is almost two products that don't separate. The biggest difference is that the neckline is rendered by a line splicing or pulling a hood. I have echoed the "harmless" of the little sisters in recent years, which motivated the cream white almost a hundred basic funds, if you haven't got this fashion train, don't I miss it again!

# 雪 藏 白

Here, you must first remind everyone that the snow Tibet is a bit picky to your skin. It is recommended that you must try it again. If your skin color is a healthy wheat muscle, there is no added yellow-tone white whipping, which will make your original skin color look yellow, if you are a white bubble girl like gold, you may wish to see !

Life can be full of setbacks, but we can't lose confidence,

The road can be rugged, but we can't give up the way forward.

Life can be full of despair, but we can't give up hope!

We have temporarily owned and then lose.

From every paragraph,

I am more and more understanding how life is.

Hope Dear, you have peace,

Fortunately! Happy and happy!

I love you, bless you.

Thank you, see me.