Multi-dimensional tells you how to build your own independent dress?

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Multi-dimensional tells you how to build your own independent dress?

2021-11-29 00:04:37 25 ℃

I often have a friend asking how to wear, how can I build my own style?

Today, I will share my point of view.

This is very important. First of all, you need to know your own body characteristics, color characteristics, simply, from a few dimensions such as high fat, beautiful ugly.

A. Height

First we have to clear your heights belong to Yao Ming's far more than usual or like Mr. Guo Jingming, or more like Liu Xiang's close to normal people. We know that no matter how high is too high or too low, it is not easy to buy the right clothes.

Although wearing a friend who is not really makes it high, we can see a friend who is not enough to make a good friend who is not enough. For friends who are not enough, they must pay attention to proportion, the proportion of tops and pants, the ratio of dimensions and lengths. Friends who are too high, especially need to pay attention to the ratio of dimensions and lengths.

B. Body type

Second, we need to clearly understand which type of body belongs, is it being thin or biased, or the standard. Lighizing and bias will encounter too high and too short, it is not easy to buy suitable clothes.

For the thin friends, we must remember that we have to modify your own body with your clothes. What do you mean? Just don't wear too close or tight clothes, such clothes will expose your disadvantages, and the outlined clothes can be modified to a certain extent. At the same time, remember that light color will bring visual expansion, and dark color will bring visual contraction.

Although we no longer emphasize, don't wear too tight clothes, it will also expose your defects. For a classmate that is fat, you need to use different visual effects of different colors. We have said that the darkness is more visual shrinkage, and the light color is visually expanded, so try to choose the dark color.

Of course, it is more important to make your own body shape better through exercise, which can not only make you better look, you can make you get healthier.

C. Color value

In this era of seeing faces, we need to know that our value is the level of Huang Wei or to translate this level, or Wu Yanzu's level.

What we have to admit is that the higher the value, the stronger the inclusiveness of the clothing, the lower the dependence on the wearing. The value of high value is high, and the color is low. (People relying on clothes horses)

It is very important to clearly understand your own value, because this will affect your dressing and decision.

Temperament type

Different people have different temperament types, some people give people a very delicate feeling, some people give people a feeling of consciousness, and some people give people a sense of prime, these are different temperament types. We need to understand your temperament, then choose the matching style that matches it.


Application scenarios is actually made by our profession or identity, different occupations have different application scenarios, and most of our people are in work. Your wear could not exist alone.

For example, you are a company's old, you will be very beautiful enough, because you may always face the boss of the media or other enterprises.

For example, if you are a lawyer, it is best not to wear a lotus whistle, you need to show a steady, professional, reliable image to your client and judge.

And if you are an actor, you are not a problem. Because you need a focus to need traffic.

And if you are a sports teacher, then the wear wear is obviously not suitable for you. So your identity also affects your style.

In summary, you need to build your own dress, you need to fully understand yourself, from the height, body type, color value, temperament, and identity, we are easier to find your own style. . The more freedom of limiting conditions, the lower the degree of freedom.

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