Dimming elimination method

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Dimming elimination method

2021-11-29 00:04:44 27 ℃

Want to remove the gap, you can supplement collagen in the body with more collagen-rich foods. It can be applied with skin care products such as eye cream to absorb.

1. Once the gap is generated, it can be difficult to go. But after careful care, it can still be faded. The procedure of the care is certainly inseparable. The position of the gap is recess in the cheek, and the ordinary sticker mask is not enough. Can be replaced with eye mask, it will be more compiled. The aging of the skin is the most important reason for the giving of the faction, so it is necessary to start moisturizing from the 18-year-old skin, you can choose skin care products such as collagen solution to care for your skin.

2, pay attention to control your facial expression, such as haha ​​laughing, mouth or doodle mouth, can make the existing greeted ribs may deepen, doing control expressions, not too easy, but this detail You still need to pay attention.

3, irregular daily work will speed up the generation of the gap, so you want to prevent the gap, the easiest way is to maintain normal, good life. do not smoke. Smoking will also lead to deepening of the gap, and many people ignore this. Eat more fruits and vegetables, supplement vitamins, eat more collagen more food, pig skin fish skin soup and other conditioning.