Qin Yu is still so young, wearing national wind costumes, do not play the high-grade temperament.

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Qin Yu is still so young, wearing national wind costumes, do not play the high-grade temperament.

2021-11-29 00:04:52 43 ℃

In recent years, communication between all ethnic groups has frequent communication, not only in all aspects of life, the national elements are reflected in the costumes, and the national pride is native, and the self-cultural marks of beautiful personality are demonstrated. Therefore, more and more people like the national wind, the use of national wind elements is more and more frequent, and the pride of our great nation is demonstrated on the big show. Qin Wei once again bursts with the role of Fuzu Queen, and the unique ancient gas temperament can be used to cut the national costume. She is wearing the national wind. She is confident and gentle. It is full of elegance, and the elegant sitting position will control the national wind. Establish a living.

Ethnic style

What is a national style?

National wind is based on the traditional Chinese national elements in the Chinese nationality and designing Chinese national elements and gradually integrating into global epidemic trends. The Chinese wind is widely used in various popular cultural fields such as music, apparel, movies, advertising, and houses. Design. Choose color and fabric, equipped with excellent design and fusion of Oriental women, add unique pattern, print, color, and tassels in ethnic minorities matching the needs of the workplace and leisure places, reflecting neutral, simple, fashion .

Senior sense of national wind costume

1, the feeling of national wind - in chaos

This national wind dress is a set of up and down coat long skirts. Like the upper and lower patterns, with white orange as a background, add a layer of national style, and the pattern is entrained in the pattern. Blue green stripes are full of spikes that belong to national winds. This jacket belongs to the type of jacket, relatively relaxed, comfortable and simple, and shows the softness of the girl's soft and delicate. It is very designed as a whole side of neatness, chaotic, and it is very designed.

The skirt is full of perpendicular, tightening the waist, and is modified, showing women's weakness. The length of the skirt and the ankle are well balanced, regardless of the occlusion of the body or modification. The dress of the national wind is very atmospheric, and it can highlight women's charm.

2, national wind clothing color details

The most important thing is the most important thing. At the same time, it also supports the color mix, the mix of cyan and various colors, rich color, the small national pattern formed, and messy pattern can achieve slimming function. Visually weaken the curvature of the body, and make the skirt more gear and exquisite and lively. The layered lotus leaves of the skirt, very leveling, the whole person's body is already standing and visually visually visually visually visually. The dark-class national windshirt is also very white, very good with the same national windbag, unified, unhappy, minimalist style.

How is the national wind wear more beautiful?

1. National Wind Print Skirt + White Roll Shoes: Make up the style difference

As everyone knows, the national windshirt is generally long, there is no certain height can not support it, if you don't want to wear high heels, then asian girl can use the vitality and sports of white ball shoes to ease the national sense of the upper body, add a vitality, pay attention Will not fall on this dress, but fall in the shoes and national wind. A girl who is not high can select the length of the skirt at the knee with white ball shoes, fresh feel. Colorful skirts can take the same plain jacket outside as a difference in easel brightness. A high girl is more suitable for long skirt with white ball shoes, more appetizing. If you add a jacket, you can increase the level of level.

2, national wind dress suit: to create a workplace

National winds are not only going to the seaside holiday. You can also use national wind to create a unique national style to build a unique national style to build a unique national style. Workplace everyone's hand in a suit, with the national wind dress as an inner, with a pair of high heels, enhance the contrast effect. If short children don't want to wear a suit, you can choose a national shirt with a black suit trousers or a straight pants, which can also create a mature workplace national style. National winds in the workplace can't be full of national style, half of the national winds, half a day, so that there can be comparative.

National style dressing skills

Tip 1: Optimize the upper body line - optimize the chest

The girls in the slim body are too normal, causing the body curve to be imperfect, lacking women's temperament. So we have to optimize the lines of the upper body, you can create the feeling of the upper body filling by optimizing your chest, and better control national wind clothing. You can choose to choose the shoulder and chest design. It is similar to a shoulder national lotus shirt, increasing the physical volume. To select a warm-colored light-colored clothes on the colors, don't choose dark clothes, this is visually more slim.

Skill 2: The pattern is selected

The pattern selection is stronger than the visual tension, which can cover the flattening of the upper body. The pattern of national winds is to exaggerate the visual impact, so that the body curve of the upper body can be expanded. Zhang Liqiang's pattern is more and better, and breaking the pattern regulating, with a messy effect. Special intense and conspicuous patterns show the national customs and enrich the visual experience.

Tips 3: Use ethnic wind accessories

Some girls don't like to wear national costumes, because it feels too complicated, and it is too heavy.Girls will look a little monotonous if weade the colored clothes, you can use national wind to adjust to regulate a single tone.Equisical, such as national wind and earrings, national silk scarves, national wind bracelets, etc.With the jewelry with national wind, the upper body line is optimized can also increase the bright spot in the shape, flexible use of rich national characteristics, and low-key tastes.The costumes of national winds are increasingly common in our daily lives. Every girl who loves national wind costumes can choose their own preferences.