Zhang Ziyi is a femaper!The little apple wears a low collar to inherit the high quality of the mother, better than awake.

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Zhang Ziyi is a femaper!The little apple wears a low collar to inherit the high quality of the mother, better than awake.

2021-11-29 12:05:49 35 ℃

Zhang Ziyi can say that it is a good mother who is recognized in the entertainment circle. The daughter of Wang Feng with his ex-wife, always asks yourself, the whole family will bring her, November 25th, small Apple 16th birthday, Zhang Ziyi also specially He held a warm birthday meeting, and then dried a party photo on the social platform, especially carefully. Little Apple is warm in the 16th birthday! Wearing casual clothes and chapters, with the frame, beautiful, smile, sweet

Small apple inherits the high quality of the mother

Although Xiao Apple is only 16 years old, but the temperament is very mature. From the appearance, it is not like a girl who is 18 years old, perfectly inherits the high-quality value of the mother, big eyes, small wine, small wine nest A little baby, it looks very cute, God seems to be old goddess Chen Yuxi, the wake up like Wang Feng is better than the wake up, the little apple is obviously beautiful.

Little apple wear personality has an idea

Not only the five senses are mature, but they are very ideas in dressing, she preferred some costumes with casual elements, but in small details, she will show some sexy, and use the current words that is very Good at "pure desire".

Black low collar bottom + hooded coat + high waist casual pants

Model Keywords: cool, leisure, simple, casual

Like this birthday, small apple's wear is based on leisure style, and several fashion items selected are the most basic wild style, but it is very good to show her figure, except In addition, it also creates full of home comfort, even if it is the same as the chapter value of the chapter.

Highlights of the style 01: It is used in internal collection, highlighting refreshing sense

In a set of styling, if there is a bottoming and jacket, then when it is matched, we tend to pay attention to the layers between the stylus.

In such cases, the method we use most is that the internal collection is equipped. On the one hand, the style can be used to create a full refreshing effect, and on the other hand, the open jacket, and It can increase the style of style and leisure, so that the shape is more level, not monotonous.

Highlights 02: Select dark + light combination to ensure simple style

Color match is also the focus of our needs. When people who pay attention to small apples choose personalized, most of them are dominated, the most common is black, but the whole body black shape is inevitable. Some engraved dull Therefore, we need to match the other colors and mediate.

In this regard, we can completely learn this set of small apples, using a deep-shaped matching method, use black low round neck short-sleeved contraction to modify your body, while forming with light-colored jacket shorts Comparison, both enriched the modeling elements, while allowing the entire model to keep the simple effect.

Highlights 03: Sexy small elements increase, make your body more eye-catching

Such a set of main leisure, in fact, there is a lot of sexy elements in small details, the most bright eye is the low round neck designed.

The U-type radian sensation can create a soft visual effect, and it is more able to highlight the taste of the woman, and the hollow portion of the chest can also show the exquisite clavicle. After matching the necklace, suddenly let the shape become more refined and stylish. Finally, the body curve of the slimming and bump is completely unburden.

Zhang Ziyi is a femaper! The little apple wears a low collar to inherit the high quality of the mother, better than awake.

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