13-year-old Sen disc worth big counterattack!Wearing sweaters to bring their own lady style, supermodel body is really envious

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13-year-old Sen disc worth big counterattack!Wearing sweaters to bring their own lady style, supermodel body is really envious

2021-11-29 12:07:01 47 ℃

Sen discs were loved by everyone, and now she didn't grow in the entertainment circle, but the color did not lose the female star. On November 26, Tian Liang joined the video of the daughter on the social platform. The 13-year-old Sear-free disc can be described as a large change, not only high temperament, but also the body is even higher than Dad Tiantiang.

In the process of wearing, the mid-disc's wear is also very simple. Although it is very simple, it is very in line with her own age, choose the sweater as a bottom with sweater, the lower body wear sports pants, the whole shape seems simple and vitality, Very good to highlight the exercise.

Sports style

As the fashion circle is constantly updating development, more and more wear styles are loved by everyone, the sports wind is no longer limited to the style of sports suit, it is more important than simple and unlunched, it can be very good Playful love. Just like Sen disc's shape, you have a sweetening fan.

In everyone's impression, the sportswear is basically a set, so the color is limited during the matching process. The general sports suit is to pay attention to black and white color matching, but it may appear a single single,.

You can choose a bright-eyed match in your match, which can also be reflected in the vitality. However, in selecting the bright eye series, try to avoid single and highlighting levels within three colors.

Just like Sen disc's shape combines black and white basic color plus blue, it is also a sense of styling, which is also rich in stylish.

Style selection

After the color is found, the choice is also particularly important in the style, the general style is mixed, "a loose tight", "simple money", "Slim style" match, three matching methods forming the effect also Very different.

One is tight: focus on highlighting, rich in style

Minimalist: Create a random foot

Repair: shape the figure

Synn disc's shape is biased towards the slim style, so it is mainly based on tight, so that tight match can be modified with body curve, but also create a clean and neat effect, and to interpret supermodel gas field.

Neckline color scheme

In addition to the top of the style, the choice before the fashion item is in the overall LOOK, which generally chooses the low collar or the V-collar match, so that the layers can also create a playful beauty, make the whole Modeling is more amazing and fashionable.

Sen disc styling is to choose a round neck bottoming shirt plus the V-collar sweater. The necklines can shape the sense of layering, and can create a fake two effects, making the shape more colorful.

The waist line is a key point in the overall LOOK shape. Generally, the way the waist line is generally divided into: Sai Yixi, belt method, short and short, and the like.

Sai Hiki: Slimming effect

Belt method: create a slim body

The last short long: shape the figure, create a super model

Synn disc's shape is used to use "the short-term" matching method to hook the waves, which can also improve the waistline can also create superior body curves, and thus interpret the super-immode gas field. In straightforward design, the proportion of Sen discs suddenly shouted.

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