Yang Mi fights too much!Wearing the neck short skirt big show sexy and beautiful legs, wearing big waves

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Yang Mi fights too much!Wearing the neck short skirt big show sexy and beautiful legs, wearing big waves

2021-11-29 12:07:03 27 ℃

Yang Mi has been spent on behalf of 85 people, and now she can be described as highly favorite brands and fashion magazines, plus superior body beautiful face, each appearance modeling outfit really transform into a guide, it is not to be few friends known as "the queen with the goods." November 26, now live between Yang Mi also super suction eye.

In the above choose style halter style skirt with a suit, dressed in thick hair, it is manifest charming yet feminine, all-black look just right to express a series of elegant and intellectual range, did not forget to reflect a cool SA Fan care of the household.

Skirt suit +

In fact, just look at these two fashion items, the representative of the style is very different, focusing on the suit ably urban beauty Fan, highlights the skirt is tender and sweet intellectual style, but combine them to form is not Like beauty, not only against the background of the able can create elegant and intellectual, did not give Zhuangnen suspects,

Series all-black look

As one of the most wild black base color, can be described as highly favored by many of my friends, it is not only remarkable temperament and was thin, simple style outfit would be more able to reflect a favorable figure. However, in the series with all-black look, we must learn to pay attention to the following questions:

① avoid single modeling

② Note that "a loose-tight" outfit tips

③ use of embellishment fashion items

④ appropriate transfer all horizons

In fact, Yang Mi can become from this body shape we choose to look all black outfit Guide series, which this body shape is basically a fusion of styles, techniques outfit, color choice, etc., can be described as stunning show temperament shaping the a sense of quality and fashion sense.

Add to exposed skin area

In the all-black look with a series of them, most modeling outfit we need to pay attention is to choose an area of ​​exposed skin, usually of exposed skin area consists of two parts, one is the choice of the neckline, skirt part is cut, both of which focus the place is different.

Low neckline or collar:

① modified swan neck, against the background of a small V face

② to create a small sweet shoulder and neck line

③ create a fresh and sexy Fan

④ appropriate transfer all horizons

Skirt cut:

① modified leg line, reflect a curvy

② to create a body proportions

Yang Mi this body shape of choice, the use of exposed skin area is manifested particularly well, select Halter cross elements, both reflect a slender neck can create a nice delicate collarbone, and then cut the appropriate sense of dull black. Under skirt design is a modification of the legs, to create a slim straight figure.

Fashion elements with

Also embellishment and exposed skin area also has a role to divert attention of fashion elements, general fashion elements into partial and overall embellishment embellishment. More generally use local embellishment shapes, so choose the time, the elements can be combined with split ends, with a printing element and so on, making the shape more perfect.

Like Yang Mi using local influence in this body in all-black look, is to use the elements to create cross out, so that both reflect a bright and compelling points, but also play a modified role, and then interpret the beauty and fashionable .

Selection of fashion items

In fact, the basis of the match, for select fashion items are generally the use of jewelry, watches and so on with the series, which focuses on shaping the air field and beautiful and noble fan, but Yang Mi select a single product is for the stockings, then it can modify the slim straight leg type, also makes it more perfect shape, then deduce sexy glamorous range.

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