Song Wei's "exposure" is really amazing, the suit is short, and it is still full of hollow, really dare to wear.

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Song Wei's "exposure" is really amazing, the suit is short, and it is still full of hollow, really dare to wear.

2021-11-29 12:06:25 44 ℃

If you want to put a hairdressing shape, you can't choose a very basic style. Song Hao recently wore this sister fan, and made a good demonstration for everyone. The short suit is stylish and fashionable, and after a high waist skirt, it is more advantageous.

The shape of the suit with skirts can cope with both a political activity, and everyday wear will not be abrupt. As long as the skirt profile is self-cultivating, it can also play the role of obscuring the defects. For example, the middle aged skirt on Song Zhan is very suitable for women who are biased in the lower body.

This period is small catalog:

1. Song Wei's wearing analysis;

2. How to match a stylish suit shape;

Song's wear analysis

Song Wei's suit wearing a simple high-level feeling, but also briefing sexy and fashionable faces through the short-term shorthand. Although pure black clothing is not novel, it is very practical. Wearing a woman in a yellow color, it will lining the skin whitening.

The black latter is in this way, and it is possible to showcase the premise of the premature feasibility after the color of the leather boots. The silver-based necklace pattern wearing the neck is novel, which can improve the eye-catching effect, and echoes the details of the shadow.

How to match a stylish suit shape?

Tip 1: Style Slim Slim

Song Dynasty selected the short-fitting jacket, which retains the slimming profile, and is unlike traditional suit, it is more conforming to the aesthetic orientation of modern women. Short coats and high waist skirts are matched, and they can also lin the long waist, which will increase the overall gas field.

Song Song's short suit is still tightened, and it can be further highlighted the position of the waistline, the inner sling and the color tone are consistent, so even if the design is very strong, there will be no non-mainfree. Increase the hollow design in the garment, and also dispersion of the neutral temperament of black.

While picking up your top, we have to choose to make it according to your personal needs. The lower body is relatively full of women, wearing a thin-capped umbrella skirt is better. If you don't have extra fat on you, you can try a more sensible wrap.

Tips 2: Pre-Skin Boots

In order to make the suit look more avant-garde, Song Wei specially matched black long leather boots. Boots are not only used in street wind, but also modern and retro temperament. Because of the relationship with the color tone, the matching effect is also very harmonious.

There will be some differences in the matching effect of different styles, when the boots are designed to be close, people with problems with those legs are not very friendly. The boots is slightly loose, it looks more casual, and it is more uncomfortable, and it can be more replenished.

In addition to the black leather boots, other dark boots can also make modern retro feelings. For example, dark brown and wine red boots, it is very suitable in autumn and winter season. And the black-based clothing is matched, but also the role of lighting.

Tips 3: Silver and delicate

When the color of the clothing is simple, we need to understand the use of accessories to increase the fashion value. For example, metallic ornaments are highly respected by hi people and stars. Metal color is also very practical, almost everyone can drive.

When we choose, we have to pay attention to their style. For example, this type of jewelry wearing between the Songji neck, with more gorgeous and very expensive. Sladivating Cross Necklace, which can emphasize the growth of the neck, so that the exaggeration neck is not very cumbersome.

After reading the Song Song's suit wearing, we can find that it is necessary to bring the solid color clothing to the trendy sense, but also choose a strong design, and know how to use the style of mix, bring some visual novelty. . In addition, appropriately increase the bright jewelry, you can also make the suit wear more discouraged.