50+ "Japanese Housewives" will wear, can be elegant, can be rypered, the big moms should learn

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50+ "Japanese Housewives" will wear, can be elegant, can be rypered, the big moms should learn

2021-11-29 18:09:37 40 ℃

Women will usually be more conservative in the past half hundred, usually in the wear style, the Japanese housewives are different, they have a reasonable match, which is very understandable, even more than half of the year. Sense, in fact, beauty is inseparable, even if it is half a hundred people can also be beautiful and atmospheric, do not believe how the Japanese housewives over 50 years old are wearing. 50+ Japanese women will be too worn, they can be elegant, they can be, and the big moms should learn.

First, boldly use a big single product

It is better to keep the size of the body, but also to pursue the older women of the fashion, you can try some age-in-sense single items when wearing, using a sense of age to hide the age. For example, a classic sense of life is a cowboy coat, and the cowboy fabric can be either high in the body, and it can wear a sense of vitality.

Lace skate skirt or short small leather is also very easy to use ahead, lace fabric with the style design of the upper body skirt, which is refreshing and full of women's taste, short small leather with high Lumbar trousers, profile and type.

These two kinds of different matching styles, lace half skirts are relatively soft, women's flavor is more obvious, short small leather sprinkles and fall, and the tide is full.

Second, moderate use of slim items

The Japanese housewives have maintained a very slender body shape, and the skin and the fatches on the body have sufficient sense of superiority when they wear, so they can be appropriate. Try the style of the style, use moderately slim items to show the fiber in the body.

However, when using the slim item, you need to pay attention to the reasonable matching of different tightness. Use different elastic matching methods to show the matching effect of the tight combination, and use the slim piece of slim in the body to show the body. Excellent, in a slightly slightly grease, use a moderate loose single product to cover meat.

Especially for those leg-type legs, they must know how to use the slim pants to use the superiority of the legs in the face, and the upper body can be used to show the body. The high-quality sensation can also show a contrast matching effect on the upper body with moderately loose jackets.

Third, reasonable use accessories

The old women can use accessories to improve the rich feelings of the whole, such as when wearing a sweater or sweater, even if wearing a very simple basis. The solid color sweater can also be picked up in an instant.

In addition to the necklace, the bag is also a kind of accessibility item, and many older women choose a more large handbags when choosing the bag, which is usually very practical. But there is a little bit of skin. If you want to increase the girl, you can match the round chain bag like this old blogger, and you will appear in a playful age.

A black dress is in a simple and low-key and very stable, the foundation is very good, the slimming effect is also more obvious, and the position of the collar is matched with the color matching scarf, both in the colors It can show that the local brightness can make the warmth of the neck to improve.

The small leather in the lamb can also take out the texture of the leather, and can highlight enough warmth through the inner inside of the lamb, with the black shoes of the pearl accessories, and the simple and low-key is very exciting.

50 years old is the beginning of another stage of life, so everyone does not have to be too dead when wearing, and learn Japanese older women to wear, which can wear out of the foreign gas and wear a mature woman.