This year's autumn and winter fashion circle "When the red fried chicken" is it!No wonder, you can entertain love beans to wear

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This year's autumn and winter fashion circle "When the red fried chicken" is it!No wonder, you can entertain love beans to wear

2021-11-29 18:09:31 39 ℃

Xiao Xue has just passed, and there is a wave of cooling in a wave of cooling throughout the country, and there is a variety of thickness in winter clothes. (Including isolated Guangdong)

Among them, the hipster sweaters can be swayed, and they can be kept warm.

Plus the adaptive Oversized version, men and women eaten.

Even the 61-year-old shadow, Huyinghong, the upper body, there is no feeling, as if it is injected into full youthful vitality, the whole person is the best.

PONY 2022 Spring and Summer Shanghai Fashion Week

After the Athflow style, the epidemic era, classic and comfortable trend, "sweater" naturally become a fashion circle when red fried chicken.

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Street shooting

Tide card autumn and winter new product

IStkunst capsule series

Sweater is high, this autumn and winter is not so 123456 pieces of sweater, probably not embarrassed to say that he is tide?

Recently, I have to buy clothes in the season, Ms. White searches a few good-looking new satellite tide cards, let's take a look at you have any stamps.


I have recently been concerned that the Korean designer brand has received more and more, Mardi Mercredi is one of them.

He is a manufacturing brand founded in the autumn of the design.

The brand name is translated into French as "Tuesday" and "Wednesday". This shows that "French Adult Leisure Style" is integrated throughout the garment design.

The most iconic Mo has a floral printer pattern + conspicuous MARDI letters.

Line minimalism, noticeable, it is no wonder that it can be sold for 4 quarters after the world.

A combination of colors and graphs has created another explosive sweater.

IG is deeply welcomed, and it is often flopped by the star, shuttled in various streets, variety.

Many stars, such as Jin Xiaol, Zheng Zai, Itzy Shen Na, Tiffany ... and many other stars are their wild spokespersons.

Black and white ash base color satellite should have more than one or less, but Mardi Mercredi prefer to look at the sweater point color.

So there is a lot of unresolved color, such as classic gray green color, jumping blue powder color.

This spring, summer is also launched, the upper body is increasing the highlights of the in-kind autumn and winter shape, and it has become fun.

If the romantic daisy element does not catch a cold, the cute sausage dog series is also a good choice, and men and women can concave a refreshing teenager.

It is said that this year is a chessboard world, Mardi Mercredi autumn and winter newly caught this trend.

Design as always, it is bold.

Just like putting the black and white flag of the wind in the sweater, the original square-finished chessboard has a flow, irregular three-dimensional effect.

The collision of pink and chessboard.

There is no high sweet feeling, but it is integrated into modern retro adjusted adjustment, and it is easy to add bright colors for autumn and winter.

ADER Error

It is still a representative of Korean tidal cards, and because of the development of rapid development, there are hoses, piles, fake goods in major e-commerce platforms in China.

Forced to make a brand, I have to change the anti-counterfeiting tag every time.

In fact, there are many new brands after the rise of South Korea, and the ADER is still rare from 14 years in 14 years.

To say that he can stand up, it is about to be attributed to the brand powerful creativity and infinity interest.

Come into the brand IG account @ader_ERROR home page to touch visual stimulus.

All kinds of cobbled products are open, let people go to the home page, I want to go back, applaud.

Going back to the sweater itself, his home is a simple profile, which has a package contrary to all kinds of body, showing the street wind that is full of cool.

Although the update replacement is quite fast, it does not hinder the unique innovation of various trendy.

There is a lot of articles in small details in the FW21 series.

Personality elements such as fever, irregular, mixed materials are injected into the sweater.

There is also a fusion of splicing materials, showing interest in color and bold trend.

It is worth mentioning that recent adr error once again launched the Limited joint series.

Four-degree cooperation is still surprised.

The capsule series is still marked by ADER, combined with Meng Meng's small fox blue fox.

Blue Fox presenting a variety of postures is simply a lovely incarnation, allowing the entire series to be lively and playful.

From simple and low-key gray, beige, classic blue to various bright colors should have, and it feels that the choice of difficulties will be entangled in the rhythm of the last half of the day.

Among them, there is a sitting and horny fox print, especially poke me, self-contained and comfortable winter warm atmosphere.

Of course, the ADER Error home sweater style is like mass production, and it is the most important thing to look at each piece.

If you want to start his own sweater, even if you can pick up your eyes in the autumn of 2021.

I suggest that everyone will directly punch the official website, and slowly sell ▼.


The national tide brand is also worthwhile.

It is a street brand with fashion trend and youth culture in China. The brand name is Chinese homonym: it is especially special. It is intended to advocate a lot of aesthetics, encourage young people to focus on themselves and brave dreams.

Even if it is still very strange to Beaster, this signature ghost face logo has always seen it?

After all, how many stars and hipsters in the internal entertainment are brushed.

Wu Lei younger brother

Even some sweater styles are reflected in the show in the draft show, frequently ship.

Beester is good at high satiety, Oversize, mixed overlay ... is a street coat tool for new love beans, and who is wearing who is a cool cover.

Look at Wang Yizhen, Kong Xueer, Liu Lingzi, a female love bean, the deduction ▼

I want to say Beaster, the most worthy of patriarchal is also a sweater.

You dare to believe, the autumn and winter series will have been in the seventh wave ...

The lightweight clothing has a break of the trend, and I am willing to call it a weapon production.

If you want to recommend, pursuit of trendy tidles may wish to consider the nightlight series.

It is still a beaster grimace printing logo, plus unique cold inductance fluorescence.

It seems to be in the daytime, and there is no pressure on the class. At night, immediately became the brightest of this GAI, Die, and the road was not delayed.

The League of Legends game powder also has a Beaster × LOL joint super-class role series, and across the serial "cool skin".

Today's sweater brand Amway is here.

In fact, there are still many treasure hooded brands, can't put down the space, want to see more recommended words, tell me, you will chase more!

So the problem is coming, what do you have to get a good sweater recently? Go to the message area to start your Amway.

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