Wearing a big earth sweater, try these colorful models, gentle and white do not pick people

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Wearing a big earth sweater, try these colorful models, gentle and white do not pick people

2021-11-30 00:03:04 50 ℃

It is tired of ordinary earth colors, and there must be many small sisters hope to try some popular colors, so in winter, I suggest you can try the following fashion sweatshirts, these popular colors It is more dreamy and elegant, and it can also be displayed.

First of all, it is necessary to recommend it to you this year's special popular rhizite knitwood. The elements of this rhodies look very retroactive. They also have a significant age-up effect on the body. Han Fan is full, and this knitted The version of the shirt is relatively loose, which means it is very good for the body's modification, and the eyebrows of the microves can try it. With the lower body, it is matched with a rhombrant fine stock. Such a length of leg socks just can modify our calves, so that your body is adjusted, it seems that warmth is also very good.

And the color of this sweater is very simple, deep blue and white, looks refreshing and generous, this fashionable color combination helps us to modify the skin, look full of vitality, everyday wear is very ok, The dark little sister is also able to control. With some simple T-shirts, use this solid color T-shirt to match, you will feel more leveling, and the effect of keep warm is very good, in this winter, you don't have to worry about the temperature problem.

Black and white color matching can also be combined in our daily wear, like this, the knit sweater is based on black and white gratis, looks particularly temperament, this simple color color does not feel fancy, and through this The elements of the rhodes also reflect the full college atmosphere, looks quite retro.

With a classic black skirt, the style of the style is particularly atmospheric, and this black skirt version is relatively loose, and the length has exceeded our knees. It looks better that it looks better. Wear all over the floor, try these color models, gentle and white don't pick people.

The next time, the peacock blue, said that Peacock Blue is a flush color in the last two years, wearing a super-white and temperament, like the following peacock blue sweater is very charming, this unique The color shows a sense of fashion and high level, so that the elegant temperament of the wearer can be highlighted. And the peacock blue is in the middle of the blue and green, which looks more retro, and will not feel bad street.

This kind of peacock blue saturation is relatively high, and it is very bright, it can combine different styles of clothing, like this little sister with a black skirt, there is no shortage of high-level feelings, this half-length dress is short, you can Forming her legs, looks very temperament.

In front of the sweater, the purple print is combined, and this pattern is used to break through the tradition, showing a fashion, and this pattern is not a special fancy, simply in the detail. Show the good temperament of the wearer.

Red Zhang Yang, really super suitable for winter, I also like red single products, but will not choose to be red, the crimson is so excsuinous color, choose the setting sun, or dark red, wine red this class is slightly Red is more stable with red tunes.

Winter is often wearing a sweater, so choosing a sunset red sweater utilization will be higher, whether it is direct single-wear or with a coat to be superimposed.

The autumn and winter simple round neck knit sweater, choosing this style slightly loose knit sweater, which is also very inclusive for the microves, and it will not feel the feeling of binding, more comfortable and atmospheric.

Solid color loose sleeve, choose the material of the wool, warm and soft, do not feel stimulating the skin, very comfortable, very good.

There is also a very popular purple this year, this gentle purple sweater is also particularly elegant and romantic. Plus purple is a color that is extremely women's taste. It can make you instantly become a girl in an instant. It is not very deep in the color of these cinera. Dark little sister can also get Get.

The lower body is equipped with a dark blue denim broad-leg pants, showing a full casual, and this wide-legged trousers are relatively casual, belonging to the workshop, and the purple sweater has also formed a style comparison. The trend is very high.

Knitted with a wide-leg pants, can help us show the long legs, then take a simple flat shoes, comfortable and generous, and this flat shoes are also very classic and durable, daily life In the words, everyone can learn from the way.

In this winter, if the little sister thinks that there is no clothes to wear, you can learn with the fashion tide of this, see how these classic knitters will be more temperament. And go more to try some bright colors and flock, don't wear too dull and monotonous, just like a bit boring.

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