Daily one | Mao coat + high collar sweater = very expensive

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Daily one | Mao coat + high collar sweater = very expensive

2021-11-30 00:03:16 33 ℃

In addition to the down jacket, coat, lamb hair, and environmentally friendly fur coat can be selected ~ Warm and expensive, it is easy to wear a mature woman!

The overall style is a trendy sense of the elegant woman, high-necked sweater stacked necklace and bracelet, increasing the role identity does not show thin, plus the texture of the silk skirt also matches the right thing ~

However, in order to reduce the old gas brought by mature items, you can try a personal avant-garde crocodile tall boot, cool and domineering, sister gathering this is absolutely C bit!

(Cr. Xu Tetin)

Environmentally friendly fur

¥ 584

Copy Amoy password purchase: 28 believe in me, you can yourself,

turtleneck sweater

¥ 74.9

39!It's just that he is here.

¥ 938

Copy Amoy password purchase: 49 will then look after he is good, this is good.

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