The goddess dress is worn, and the personality mix will make people feel adequate, or boots

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The goddess dress is worn, and the personality mix will make people feel adequate, or boots

2021-11-30 06:07:49 31 ℃

The goddess dress is worn, and the personality mix will make people feel more, or boots.

We are always too obliged to comply with rules and don't try it. Such a match is inevitable will make people lose their freshness. So today we have to use a short coat + semi-skirt with a number of possible matchs. When we don't have ideas or no way,

Whether it is sandals short boots or boots, it can easily help us solve the matchup, the white shoes is still a wild single product, and the black single product will be slightly exaggerated. Today's black boots and The laminated white boots.

Through the top of the upper, the color of the upper body is to show the color of the lower body. The range of use of this routine is relatively wide. It can be suitable for the upper body's clothes too difficult to control, whether it is in the Seny woman or in the INS street. .

And the details you have to pay attention to when wearing clothes is that this shirt will show the color inside, which is what we need to pay special attention to the initial match. The white boots and white skirts have a noble and kind taste. It is also worthy of the girl who wants to highlight the details. Although there will be no sense of existence, but will not let you look. Too monotonous.

But there is no shortage of dull taste, but there will be a lot of words with scarves. Many times we will only wear black or white clothes, of course, and some girls will try other colors, and there is also a modern retro feel.

Although it is common to say that color sweater is more common, you really don't miss the bright orange and khaki. These two beautiful colors don't be too friendly for Asian sisters, really can quickly retrieve confidence. But for black yellow skin, it may be more unfriendly, in fact, orange shorts, orange boots, is also a good solution.

But it is not very ordinary, or you want to match your skin color, because our big area is white, so it looks naturally. With gray knit sweater, very simple match. If the whole is black, the lower body is mixed with chiffon white shorts, the printing of the top will look a sense of impact, and the inner knit sweater will look so exaggerated.

So the upper or knitted sweater is not too exaggerated, there will be a simple taste. To remind the little fairy, the length of the boots, the short boots will be shorter, so it is more fresh as a long jacket, but the boots are more fresh. But the most important thing is still a whole style, you must learn to grow short.