This is also painful!5 questions judgment you are sensitive skin

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This is also painful!5 questions judgment you are sensitive skin

2021-11-30 06:08:14 50 ℃

The people of the South should have a deep understanding, the weather is cold and hot, the thick clothes wear and take off, always feel that this itch is itchy, the hot pot does not dare to eat more, I am afraid that the face is acne, autumn and winter The skin is discomfort, always doubt, is my skin? Is it not sensitive skin?

Is it sensitive skin? How does the sensitive skin judge? First come and browse a few questions:

1. Make-up, lotion, exfoliating products, sunscreen, etc.

2. Have you used a shower milk, shampoo or a hair care product, but be not very comfortable after washing it?

3. Can you enter a temperature-warming room (whether the cold air is still warm), will you make you cold?

4. Drink a hot drink or eat a hot pot, you can't stand it, or even spinct acne?

5. Can you face a lot of red?

If you have more than 3, you have encountered 2 to 3, it is very likely to be sensitive skin.

Causes of sensitive skin

There may be the following reasons for sensitivity skin:

1. Specialty sensitive (congenital or hereditary sensitive)

The skin is fragile and easily sensitive, and the leather layer blood vessels are obvious and sensitive, susceptible to sensitive response to external stimulation.

2. Neurological sensitive

The skin is thin, and the capillary wall is fragile, and there is a significant reaction to environmental changes.

3. Contact sensitivity

Skin sensitive response caused by certain substances in cosmetics.

4. Stimulating sensitive

The stimulation response occurs due to cold and temperature changes, ultraviolet rays and external contamination.

How to test how sensitive skin, how to test new rejuvenation products?

When the sensitive skin is in the new rejuvenation product, you should test the new product will not stimulate the skin. First of all, take a very small amount of products for a few days, after the ear, if there is no problem, then take a very small amount of products next to the eyes on one side. After the new product is started, it is still very careful. So, once you are sure yourself, you should use a product, don't replace it.

It should be noted that if the above is passed, it is actually only able to avoid skin allergies, and sensitive problems are not completely resolved. In fact, allergic skin is not improving, fatigue, immune power, hormonal changes before the physiological stage, can make sensitive deterioration, change these bad habits, can improve your skin.

Choice of maintenance

Although improving sensitive skin is a way to govern, it is cautious before it is completely improved.

1. Select a simple product relatively simple product

2. It is best to pick up no anti-corrosion, flavors and pigments less skin care products (but this must do itself to preventive and preserved movements)

3. Inside the product composition, alcohol rankings do not enter the top ten

4. Active skin such as fruit acid, people who are sensitive skin don't adventure is too strong.

Sensitive skin people have a trick on the choice of cosmetics!

1. More plants rather than the liquid foundation, because the preservative is less

2. Don't use waterproof make-up, so clean it too much.

3. Use eyeliner to eliminate the use of liquid eyeliner

In addition, it is best to use soft water containing mineral materials when washing the face, wash your face with soft water, and will not form sap in combination with cleansing products, and reduce the damage to the skin barrier, help to generate health and complete sebum membranes, effectively relieve red, Sensitive allows the skin at its best, blocking the external stimulus.

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