Xu open can be divided into clear lanterns and purpleba, but you can't close the mouth and back the rash!

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Xu open can be divided into clear lanterns and purpleba, but you can't close the mouth and back the rash!

2021-11-30 12:03:38 49 ℃

"Mrs. Debear" is finally broadcast! This drama has received attention from the start of the boot shoot, and after the broadcast is broadcast, it will occupy Weibo every day.

Throwing the starring Yang Mi, Chen Wei's personal heat does not say, the plots and apparel of "Dejjjj Pearrs" are also a sharp point. Although the emotional main line of the teacher is attractive, Du Xu's love is more Let Rui sauce "dark love"!

After drunk, Du Xu, Lan Lan, and the purple lunction is unclear!

Although the same person is played, Chen Xiaoyu pinned the character of the two, and various shapes in the play can hold, and if they face the lens, it is also very resistant to the backlight.

Confused the skin of Rui sauce, and the various small particles of the backlight are bumps. How to clean up these annoying backsome?


First of all, we have to be clear that the closing is not equal to the back of rash, there is a difference between them:

Closed and name closed acne, it's very strong, touch it with your hand, it can be accurately positioned; the position of the closure is a T region or chin, and individual oily skin will appear in both cheeks;

The most obvious feature is that there is a horn plug in closed, it is popular that it can be squeezed out "secretions";

And the backbone is different. First, its existence is so strong, it is difficult to locate it with your hand, you can only feel the texture of a piece of skin, look at the skin and normal people. Nothing difference, but when the light is hit from the side, it can be obvious.

Usually it grows in the place where it is almost dry, and some people will have red and stinging.

It is mostly the cause of the sisters, "work", is a warning that the skin is not justified by us!


Skin barrier damage

This is the pit that most people will step on, and the anti-rash is only one of them. When some sensitive muscles will have tingling, erythema, fever, etc., the reason is still because of the functional damage of the keratin layer, resulting in Skin loses a natural protection barrier;

Dear sisters reflect, do you have frequent acids or clean skin, or too high? This is excessive cleaning or cleaning, causing damage to the skin barrier!

The solution is very simple, stop using all of the functional products, cleaning masks, etc., streamline skin care processes, gentle cleansing, and creams with repair components.


Hormone dependent dermatitis

Do you have recently used some cosmetics or hormone ointments that are unidentified within a month? After use, in addition to the small rash, the face is also accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms such as red, hot, stinging, itching, and your skin barrier is seriously damaged!

The first step is to stop these suspicious products! Appropriately use pharmaceutical mask first aid, controlled in a week 2 to 3 times, if the symptoms of discomfort in three days have not been alleviated, you need to go to the hospital for dermatology!


Hydrated skin

This situation is that there are too many masks. The frequency is too high. Due to the long-term large amount of mask, your epidermal cells will swell, the hair follicle is expanded, and the sediment excretion is not covered in the hair follicle, and reverse the beasa Woke up.

Such symptoms are relatively slight, no inflammatory situation like redness, stinging, but occasionally there will be itchy, itching; solution: stop dressing the mask, do not apply, no matter whether it is good Mask is not suitable for you;

At the same time, it is also necessary to start the barrier repair, and after mild cleansing, use some of the molded creams, the conditional sisters can also add some anti-inflammatory essence in the middle of these two steps, so that the skin is better repairs;

Designed for sensitive skin, Shumin, streamline formula (total composition only 13, beautiful practice full green light), contains the high concentration of high concentration purslant extracted by Wei Na patent, synergistic 2800 meters + Haba Snow Mountain Fruit essence and β-glucan, hyal sodium sodium sodium, so fast and soothing, immediate repair, long-term stability, quick and soothing skin sensitive but itch, etc., instantly repair skin barrier, long-term use Divide the tough skin, thin texture, a thus moisture absorption, small molecules deep into the bottom repair, from the inside and outside, to create health, strong tough, delicate skin.

WHOO, the original Evilings

2200RMB / 75ML

Innovation adds a new formula - the essence of the destroy, concentration contains 11 extracts of 12 kinds of precious plants such as heart lotus, Yuanzhi, and reserves the active ingredient from the brand unique extraction process, and rapidly penetrates the bottom after cleansing, enriching nutrients and Repair muscles, strengthen the skin defense barrier, awaken skin vitality.

It can be seen that the skin care products and steps don't, the better, the object is extremely reversed! Carefully choose the product that suits you, strictly follow the use steps and frequencies, don't "make" your own skin! !