Want to have a temperament, less jeans, what is wearing the Spanish king?

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Want to have a temperament, less jeans, what is wearing the Spanish king?

2021-12-01 12:06:29 47 ℃

King of Spain 后莱蒂齐亚 not just on behalf of the royal family, for women, she is walking textbook fashion outfit. Whether it is attending events, meetings, or daily interviews, reports, Letizia always dressed very decent and generous.

For the workplace and sisters like wind commuter outfit girls, Letizia mix is ​​simply a template. Slim she is wearing a suit, skirt when this single product, is not very easy to match the texture of the outlet, because the Queen of Spain's skeleton is relatively small, that require bone to support the site can not be shown.

And Letizia will usher in his 50-year-old, but look at her outfit is still very young and dynamic. Asan today and take a look at Letizia's daily outfit, wear clothing to see how we can naturally fine and decent feeling it!

For most people, there is no reason why the outfit looks characteristics, baggy, because with a single product and with a way suited to their style not found. If you can locate their strengths and play to the advantages, it will be able to wear to catch a breakthrough.

A, dress outfit

For middle-aged women, the choice of decent right dress can largely enhance their temperament. And compared with other single product, fault tolerance dress is very high, can easily solve the shortcomings of our body.

Letizia can learn from him, the choice of dress should pay attention "should be long not short." Whether in the workplace or in daily life, too short skirt is not very appropriate.

Letizia attended the event wearing a dress at the time, both up and down most of the length of the lower leg. Such skirt length is not only dignified and elegant, but also can play the role of modified legs.

Secondly, it should be noted in the selection of dress "should be simple not complicated." Dresses can play a role to enhance the temperament, most Letizia select the dress is a solid color design.

If you feel too monotonous, Letizia choose to work with a relatively delicate brooch, this small embellishment can play a finishing touch.

If you think a solid color dress not the color, you can also try the same as Letizia big wave point design dress. Larger pattern more atmosphere, but also be able to transfer our visual center of gravity, thus ignoring excessive concern for the body itself.

Second, the piece pants outfit

For women in the workplace, the jumpsuit is also a very good choice. Although it is all pants, but pants with thoughts on the piece takes on relatively small.

For middle-aged women, so you can choose chiffon piece pants suit fabrics like Letizia. This fabric piece pants is not prone to wrinkles, and the designs are very clean cut and for modification of the body is relatively strong.

In the choice of length, nine points may be selected such as Letizia style. Because of her relatively petite stature, but the pants are too long will become more procrastination, no spirit.

As the piece pants too solemn and serious, you can choose the color more lively style, the clothing itself not only weaken the sense of age, can also play a role off the color.

Third, the suits outfit

Suits, women in the workplace is more interested in with a single product. But different men and women in the place wearing suits should be noted that there are a lot. First, in the style of choice, be sure to choose relatively slim version of the type.

For young girls who, oversize suit jacket may be more fashion personality, but for middle-aged woman, a loose suit jacket on a fine decent enough.

Second, take into account the choice, you can learn so Letizia choose the traditional shirt to match, you can choose a gentle romantic dress.

Which take different impression are not the same, can be selected according to the needs of different occasions. When wearing suits, decorative accessories can also be added with texture. Since the Letizia relatively dull complexion, shiny earrings and a delicate necklace can enhance the color.

And that 's Asan share Queen Letizia of Spain workplace wind outfit, if you have other questions related to fashion outfit, you can also leave a message in the comments section, we next goodbye!