After reading these fashion icon, I found that the pop-up artifact of this fall and winter is originally it.

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After reading these fashion icon, I found that the pop-up artifact of this fall and winter is originally it.

2021-12-01 12:05:45 36 ℃

December now, and everybody stands to reason that the suit has long been prepared with it? ? ? (Especially in the South named Po who)

Think of previous years, a transition to the autumn and winter season, the fashion circle coat battlefield almost all the world suit.

Although it looks unexciting, how else can it be like this, free to walk between the daily commute, and even dressed up to attend the occasion also put the situation field.

Zhou Yutong, Liu Wen, Yang Mi, Zhongchu Xi ...... these fashion icon who personally tell you today's fashion trends:

Suit is a street artifact!

Not only easy stroll to work gai play, but also particularly easy to wear clothing cool Sa style.

Fu Jing ask what people can stand to wear a suit, wearing glasses?

in C + plus SERIES velvet decorative button suit suit

I really can rest assured and no exaggeration to say, Fu Jing Yu sister is in the entertainment sense suit first.

Please suit welded shut on the body.

Jiaohan Meng Mei can! Wen Qi head tilt simply kill, and again get√ to her face up!

White suit yyds!

However suit outfit is a certain stress, and believe it will become rigid.

If not able to control self-confidence, it is best to avoid such a dark checkered suit Song Joey.

+ Check the dark, two calm and somewhat formal elements together, we believe it will be like the headmaster.

How old moment 20 years old ......

So today, we have to talk out a suit outfit formula, let outfit novice can get this one second fashion items Advanced charm ~

Suit suit can be said that we do not have the most practical and most brainer mix, set directly put on the body gets the job done -

Slim version of the H-type, small lapel, single-breasted design ...... are to create a slim figure and design, put themselves neat and elegant.

Sounds suit suit outfit is very monotonous, in fact, have long suit designer father took to play out here.

Saturation of pure light-colored suit and flamboyant style is very suitable for delicate girls manage.

It can be the same color outfit ↓

You can also use contrast-colored outfit hit the rich pay more and grooming tips on color vision.

Compelling Klein blue aura ten meters with a crop top sports bra super effort to mix and match black, piercing both daily can easily go t Taiwan but also to work breaking head of Variety shape.

The relatively calm burgundy suit suit, cotton texture with chest insignia, serious suit playful moment together.

Fu Jing which take only a simple black T, delicate, lively, competent, come in handy.

If the dress is designed to suit, it is not even within the ride are saved.

Dilly Reba him this suit shoulder pads skirt, navy velvet low-key atmosphere, metal buckle adds a retro atmosphere as a whole, a very famous actor of charm.

Shoulder pads are more fire in recent years, very suitable for tall handsome neat sister to wear.

With a pair of high-heeled fine with using waist decoration, creating a sense of depth while demonstrating superior curve, off Xiaotong A large super care of the household can be changed in seconds gas field meter eighty!

More likely to receive a waist piercing body proportions, coupled with the suit at right angles to the shoulder version, the girls unique sense of power embodied in the head!

Speaking ride within universal formula, you can always count on this suit shirt + classic combination.

Formula outfit suit shirt actually had to get rid of the impression that professional rigid, has become the tendency concave shape.

This year fixed combinations street show floor, the shirt has almost become a suit, but the more common outfit, the more keep Liu poetic, dress casual, a little gas attack ~

And exaggerated pointed collar shirt is also used with a suit, collar to highlight the sense of presence, will dress up as cool female gentleman.

Or it is so elegant and playful at the same, so as to bid farewell to rustic, fashion index max!

For sister's legs, the shirt + + shorts suit (skirt) to highlight the particular combination of the gas field.

Whether the simplest black and white or color of passion hit, but also to deduce easy chic!

In the hit color this respect, Ukraine VOGUE editor Julie Pelipas particular will play.

Shirts tannin material or a blue suit and dark lines as embellishment, very high very smart.

More advanced method is to wear a little silk shirt + suit.

Like a metallic luster to a formal suit adds more than a little déjà vu casual chic and unlimited your son.

Meanwhile silhouette suit also comes with modern temperament, with up very easy.

Mix and match casual pants suit with the law is the current fashionable goblins are love.

+ Wild straight jeans suit, not only very friendly little man, there are kinds of cool casual tone ~

Of course, to note here, the height of pants must be high enough at least to emphasize the waist, otherwise it will seem short, thick lower body.

If the suit is + straight jeans casual girl love outfit formulas that suit + jeans, whom are still on the classic play of casual outfit.

Cheng sisters This combination of both retro and cool, relaxed interpretation of what is effortless fashion sense!

Cowboy leisure properties both in and out of the original suit serious and rigid, but also inject vitality vitality.

Timeless jeans, not only a good variety of modified leg-type problem, improve the ratio from the visual effect of significantly thin max!

Kaia Gerber is simply a fanatics of jeans suit, and the street shooting private service ten eight nine is a different matching method in demonstration of suit jeans. The thigh root is covered, create a "lower body disappearance" daily shape, sexy and handsome, full screen is a long leg.

However, a lot of trend icons have chosen loose hairspants.

As a pants, the first place in comfort, the wide legs is not only a must-have single product, home, and the home, and there are less than it.

It's good to match, you can also cover the waist, the small fat of the thigh, and it is completely suitable for all kinds of sisters with the suit!

The suit + dress is definitely a model of highlighting attitudes, which is more beautiful than the pants, which is more personality than the suit.

When you look at the recent state of Huichun, Ouyang Na, the latest hot girl style is not the charm of the dress!

I can even interpret the National Miss Fried Street.

Liu Shi poetry wearing a warm yellow dress with a suit jacket, the elegant knowledge of everyone is too good, the noble atmosphere is prejudial!

Not only that, but the skirt is stronger than the pants to the body's bag containe, the choice of style and color is also stronger.

Classic black gray color is very Vintage's taste, and the design of long pleated skirt is also very special.

The gentle and romantic dragonfly skirt in the bones is a wild CP in a suit. Salt can be sweet, with horn boots with cool tow, can be perfect.

The word, Liu Yifei must be listened, but still want to praise the sky and the fascinating and beautiful ~

What is this 拽气 fashion pastoral mix? The floral headscarf can also be with the west admits in the suit, but how it is fattening ...

The suit is a relaxed H contour, the shoulder line is perfect, which is created straight and shoulder, and a skirt has grown in a steady temperament in another second.

Saying that the skin is really awkward, and the gesticar suit is fashionable and has a style.

Haileybieber's leather suit, white t dress and leather boots, the upper half of the air field is full, the lower body walks the wind, and the sisters who go to the neutral wind or streets are also particularly loved this body.

Autumn suit jacket has been considered a hipster woman's wardrobe essential item.

The trendy nature in the suit bones makes different matching style, but no matter when it looks at it.

I don't know how beautiful is it, I usually like how to match a suit jacket? Let's share your own experience in the review area ~

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