Wang Yuelun officially joined the marriage, Li Xiang public ridicule: men don't love, just like rotten leaves

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Wang Yuelun officially joined the marriage, Li Xiang public ridicule: men don't love, just like rotten leaves

2021-12-01 12:06:17 38 ℃

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In the early hours of this morning, Wang Yuelun divorced Li Xiang.

Although it is a lot of officials in the middle of the night, it is really a lot of play.

The first is two or a half, Wang Yuelun doesn't want to sleep, send Weibo to announce the feeling of feelings.

The reason for the first half is very official: long-term personality is not complicated, and it has been divided into peace and will work together.

But the last didn't forget: Also bless Li Xiang and her intention to go to the head!

I smelled a green tea.

The focus is, he has the gallbladder pot Li Xiang, but immediately deletes Weibo.

On the other hand, Li Xiang can't hold it.

In the same morning, she came into the social platform, wearing two big diamonds, and put a plate of green oil.

The vocabulary is also three roses

This trick can be said to be a relationship, tea is still tea.

Eat melon people help interpret: Leave you this and green, the old lady is capital.

Xiangjie is a big host, two photos teach you to return to the green tea.

This is not, # 王岳伦 Tea #The Top Tap Nowhere.

At this moment, the trend of the netizen is very obvious.

It can be said that it is the same celebration.

This kind of goodness and funny divorce style, Li Xiang, I can't help it.

Look for the entertainment industry for so long, never seen such a means of such a bad person.

Yes, I am talking about Wang Yulun.

Just a day before the decline, Wang Yulun was exposed to the night of the beautiful girl. There is a gossip media to shoot, he and several friends go to KTV, and it is supported by a long-haired woman around 3 in the morning.

He naturally lick her shoulders, she tightly held his arm and said with laughter.

Subsequently, Wang Yuelun glared at the shoulders of the beautiful woman and entered the hotel. As for the story behind, it is no one night. Until the next day, Wang Yulun was only drinking afternoon tea to the hotel restaurant, and finally hugged.

Yesterday, netizens were still waiting for him to respond, and it is estimated that this time I have to say "friends gathering". Unexpectedly, he announced a divorce. In the words, I am divorced in July, and now I will love you again.

However, you are not twice a time. On the same day, the gossip media was exposed to the fierce, Wang Yuelun interacted with beauty. This time the heroine is replaced with another short hair, two people feeding in the street.

Sweet, hug, and finally go to the bar. Li Xiang: I don't know, I have to bless you to the middle of the people.

Under the simple rude violence, Wang Yulun has been taken four times and women to behave intimate. But he cope with this set of his own tricks: Just a friend, I love my wife, roar out of the country. Three sets of combined fists, basically able to play netizens too lazy.

As early as 2018, he was taken with mysterious women in the hotel spent three hours.

Afterwards, Wang Yulun personally rumored: The mysterious woman is my friend's girlfriend, we just drink a party.

Li Xiang also helped clarify, and choose directly to put chat records, domineering proved that he had passed the "friends' girlfriend".

The words of words, the mistakes of the way, pointing to it, make people feel discomfort. But this time is quite useful, Wang Yuelun has once again mistisred. "The most loved one in this life is my wife, never done some things," I used the words, it seems to be married, and things have passed. "

But Li Xiang didn't know, the man who likes to write a guarantee is because it cannot be guaranteed. Immediately, Wang Yunlun was taken again, and the late night and white women should shoulder the wall of the KTV box.

This time, he copied the last apology routine: just a gathering, I am deeply annoyed. Still a statement, decided to stop drinking!

But when you look back, the wine is not ringing, no one knows, anyway, his friend is really a lot. In order to self-evidence, he also took the photo of his wife and daughter on Weibo: I love you forever! To death!

That, Li Xiang continued to choose to sleep, reply was also "not awake" by netizens. So I only had the ethical drama of Wang Yuelun's three days.

Even the 11-year-old Wang Shi is still praised by Dad's Weibo. Let the child bear this kind of storm, it is true to see people.

In short, this marriage, one party will always eat, do not add mouth, one party forever saddle horse.

Anyway, as long as you do something, your family is "the arrow of love". Therefore, Wang Yulun did not expect that when the housewife Li Xiang chose no longer patience, the decision can be more than him.

Li Xiang became. Once Wang Yulun said she was very strong and indeed. Do things a thunderstorm, say no two. When she did the host, she was very prosperous. She used to be the most popular female host in the country. I took 6 "Golden Torger Award". The stage is even spread: there is a matter to find Xiangjie.

Even if I left the old, she still mixed the wind. At home, Wang Yunlun once spitd himself, there is no say, it is as cooking, cooking with the baby. He said that he was at home at night, Li Xiang called, and it must be connected within 10 minutes. Signified Li Xiang's strength.

On the other hand, he loves it in a variety show, it is willing to work for you for a lifetime.

The fact is that Wang Yuelun's career seems to have been fully stagnated than the courage of the boss of Li Xiang. Before marriage with Li Xiang, his name is director, the biggest name is to shoot MV for Wang Fei.

After I met Li Xiang, I took several movies. Many people said that they may be to borrow Li Xiang's light.

His first film "Ten Kewele" is from Li Xiang, and will help the platform propaganda. The final box office is 46 million. Later, he once again directed that the "Panda Heroes", "Le Tong Tian" two movies, also invested by Li Xiang. Not only investment, she also kissed the starring "Le Tong Tian" starring, even pulled a lot of friends.

But the movie of these three husband and wife has a common point: rotten. Wang Yuelun is a leader of the director who is in a stable and basically controlled at 4-5 points.

As for the "Dad to Dad" of the fire, it is actually Li Xiang to save the land, and push the husband to participate.

With a lovely daughter, and the well-known wife, I misunderstood, Wang Yuelun stands up the "good man" image.

But do you say that Li Xiang is so strong? Obviously she succeeds, the number of clothes is more. Looking at Wang Yulun's news again and again, I came out again and again to help respond, clarify ... However, this "good man" did not know how to cherish, three times were taken from the lace.

Li Xiang always chooses to forgive, cooperate with the performance again and again, and safeguard his husband.

Like the second time to be taken and the woman in the KTV box, after the time, Li Xiangzhao took Wang Yuelun to participate in the new variety.

In this variety of art, Li Xiang also self-reflecting, feeling that he is too strong, sometimes ignored his husband's feelings.

Therefore, she tried to let her husband did a lot of things, and praised in the show:

"In fact, he is worse than me. It turns out that I am not as good as my husband in many ways ..."

But sometimes awakening is a moment.

Last year, some media exposed Wang Yunlun has quit Li Xiang's related company.

Many people explain that Li Xiang finally gradually woken up, no longer wasting time.

This is not, I have been waiting for a year, but it is indeed awake.

And I have enough fare. She is a chairman, general manager, and President of 360 Entertainment.

Investing over movies, signing artists, engaged in variety, and behind the scenes don't work. I have already steady new business opportunities in the live broadcast industry, and I change my Weibo into an anchor Li Xiang.

From the moderator to an anchor, it is benefited from the eloquence of generous tentative. She has created the number of single-game total orders over 10,000, and the total number of single-site turnover is more than 1 million records, and the belt capacity is super. Sometimes, even responding to your controversy, you don't forget to bring advertising to the live broadcast. You can say her speculation, but I can't deny that in engage in the career, she has smashed the ex-husband. This team is unacceptable when you don't want to cooperate with your snacks and luxury cars.

After the divorce statement, Gigi deliberately read the state of Li Xiang's last half. There is no humble, but also pay more attention to daughters and itself. Recently, a Weibo celebrates birthday for daughters, men have gone.

Nowadays, it is all daily life of personal life. About the exercise, there is related to the food, related to Selfie. Now the new slogan is, let yourself be happy!

In any case, this marriage has drawn a period.

Even the proceeds, standing back at this moment, look at their entire journey, all can see a good thing.

After all, they have never been considerable.

From flash marriage, to Wang Yuelun's "Dad to go" circle powder, and then he is suspected to be derailed, and it is full of wind and rain.

Li Xiangli Zhi Zhiwu is a female master, but it also looks in a fog, and it has passed a lot of bun.

Fortunately, we finally saw a different Li Xiang.

You may still don't like her, but she is still worthy of our congratulations.

Congratulations on Li Xiang, breaking "桎梏" and calm the marriage.

Congratulations to Wang Yunlun, I will not worry about being taken with friends.

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