Leaving the filter and detail, live birth map can also be beautiful?

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Leaving the filter and detail, live birth map can also be beautiful?

2021-12-01 18:08:50 46 ℃

Nowadays, online broadcast has become a new trend, and many activities can also be used in the way. It is to know that a live broadcast is intuitive, which allows the audience to visually see live broadcast scenes and characters.

How do the star bloggers can also show beautiful in the live broadcast? Let's take a look.

The first step is successful.

Because the star guests have to live live with live lights and close-up, it is especially important in the style of makeup.

The first is the makeup, select the mysterium matte or the micro-lever light, such a makeup face will show a better texture in the live birth map.

So choose a very strong liquid foundation to make a good foundation for the entire makeup.

▲ Wang Ziyan's little sister, this moving figure has no Hong Kong wind.

Since the changing makeup, the makeup must be followed up, otherwise it will take a makeup during the live broadcast, and it is very embarrassing.

The highlight and flash are not too bright on the back cosmetic steps, keeping on an horizontal line, fog surface.

On the color choice of makeup, in addition to the color system to be harmonious, pay attention to the cooperation of eye makeup and lip makeup.

Eye makeup is relatively light, if you want to apply a big red lip, the eye makeup is simple as possible.

▲ The senior is full, and people are difficult to move their eyes.

There is also a little attention is concealer. At the close-up, the stars seem to have strongly emphasized the meaning of makeup, all white and tender skin, it is difficult to see that acne and closes on their faces.

Sisters with a large pores can pick a touch pore effect, so that it is convenient to create a sense of innocence.

Hairstyle, bring a good trick

A good-looking hair design is to create a atmosphere. As for what hairstyle, it depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to create.

If you want to create a bright wind, long curly is definitely the first choice. Zhou Jieqiong This black wavy roll, with a big red lip, the bright female star is correct.

If you want to make a new fairy atmosphere, let's take a look at the ancestors of the fairy. Her fairy is sent, there is also the high cranial top, is it 360 degrees without a dead end?

▲ Have to say that Song Zuer's five senses are really exquisite, and the head type is also very full.

If you want to add sweet and energetic, look at this pink in the live birth map, with a feathers short skirt, the whole is a tender girl with tenderness.

▲ Her inexplicer pink hangs, energetic, play a good role in the entire shape.

After the end of the live broadcast, most of the refined graphs that appear on the network will increase the contrast of color and highlight the characters through the blurred background.

▲ For the birth map and intensive map, which one do you think is better?

I have seen many of the long hair style of the female stars. I will appreciate the short hair in Di Limbag live broadcast. This bias short hair is compared to retro.

▲ Dili hotba's dress is also very oriental charm, killing quarter.

Is the live birth map of these stars Is the fairy fight?

A good instrument is the key to the image extra points

The makeup and hairstyle, it is important, but I think a good instrument is the key to improving the temperament of the whole person.

Below this is Cecilia Cheung's birth map, the state is so amazing, so many years have passed, she is still so beautiful.

▲ The design of a white long skirt dress, V-neck and bubble sleeves is perfectly showing Cyan Sister's superior right strap and vest.

On the live moving figure, she turned back, a smile, all of the charming breath, can't help but sigh: the years from the unbeaten beauty.

Let's take a look at the Cyber ​​Sister, the Cyber ​​Sister under the refinement, can not be denyed is also beautiful, but I think that live broadcast is more reflected in the gentleness and confidence of this beauty.

This stunment brought by live birth maps, which account for important credits. The good body is definitely not to be easily developed.

Therefore, we must pay attention to it. You can take a closer look at what to exist.

▲ It can clearly see that the hunchback of these body problems will reduce the temperament of a person.

And if there is an abnormal body, it will not only affect the beauty of the whole person, but also increase the chance of physical disease.

Modern people have fewer few posture problems, especially those who like to be home, or I have to correct my badge early.

Ok, today's live birth map can also maintain beauty skills to this end. Live birth map is also more beautiful, this opinion, no need for forcing a high low, everyone can see it.

Perhaps these tips can be sent in a short video of a friend's wedding, or in a short video taken.