Why is Zhang Xue, why is the ghost horse?

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Why is Zhang Xue, why is the ghost horse?

2021-12-01 18:09:42 32 ℃

Suddenly I found that when I was a childhood, the child stars played in the acting show, Wu Lei, and the brother did not want to export after the "long song line".

In addition to Yang Zi, Guan Xiaoxiao, the front of the "Director, please advise", I realized that Zhang Xue, who was born in 97, now more than 20!

A few days ago, she played Zixia Fairy and I also hot. Today, let's talk about Snow.

Girls feel more from expressions

Zhang Xue welcomes people's feelings is a sense of lively girl, this feeling is mainly from her expression. Because from the perspective of the five senses and proportion, she gave people a little elegant when she didn't make her expression.

This is mainly because her face feels like a lot of small flowers, and the face is smooth goose face, and the proportion of nose is brought to a gentle feeling.

On the side, her bones are relatively small, and the triangular area is not very full. This flat eye is a little cold, and there is a little bit of cold feelings on her face.

From the perspective of the five senses, Zhang Xue Yingying's overall facial features are also more exquisite. The inner corners are clear, the eyes are delicate, and the sides are very straight, the nose is also sharp, and there is a beautiful seagull line.

The relatively thin upper lip and credentials are in the triangle area, let her have a pity in some sad expressions.

This is also the same as Zhou, Zhang Wei's sadness is not exactly the same. They are very full of weeks. They will give people a "big lady feeling". When they are hard, they are not like eating, more like It is a "wronged" and an advantage of Zhang Xue Ying.

▲ What is the feeling of being a featured feeling here, but when Zhang Xue welcomes the play, it is really a "wrong is the world" feel.

Why is her dynamic better?

Zhang Xue welcomed the face of the real girl's face, shooting without expression / pretending, the cold reflection will be more losses, because static photos are watching the five senses and proportions, it is difficult to play a special product, it may be a little cautious when static is static, bring a little dynamic I feel that I feel very lively.

Her personality is also a comparison, usually I like laugh. She laughed very nice, and her pointed muscles in the mouth were also very flat, and the little tiger teeth added to the tiger to teeth.

▲ This teeth look more relatively small, it will be a bit violated in the comparative storm, but it is very matched when others.

The brow's hair is relatively heavy, and the overall trend is a bit down, and the chin has a little bit of a little, there will be a very stubborn feeling. People feel this little girl, the ghost horses are very ideaful!

Flat round girls can refer to Zhang Xue Ying's match

I have said before talking and taking the body, although we can be divided into large skeletons and small skeletons, flat and round, but there are some time we can't divide themselves. It may be because the bones of themselves are too thin. This situation is not very important to distinguish your body type.

▲ Like the Bible is this kind of talent.

Because we distinguish between the body is in order to wear and style, this kind of bones are very fine. It is a natural hanger. It is basically wearing a good look, and it is not necessary to distinguish.

Another situation is that the body is a bit split, and Zhang Xue is this type. Her upper body is very slender, but the lower body looks a little bit a little (in fact the legs are not rough, but it is more stronger than the slim upper body).

▲ It is more obvious in the photo, and Li Landi is already very thin, but the skeleton is relatively large, it looks more darning, Zhang Xue welcomes the overall skeleton or smaller.

In fact, this situation is not too worried, basically in accordance with the upper body and face of the situation, it is good, and the choice of decoration will choose some style.

The skeleton of Zhang Xue, is relatively small. Ideas more suitable for young, style tablets girls.

Another idea is to modify the lower body, such as this kind of tight +, which has been very popular in these years, is especially easy to show the advantages of such body.

This type of body usually is relatively long. This kind of match can expose a more slender waist, visually focus on the relatively fine waist rather than a little bit of the legs.

In this way, the high waist pants labeled the waistline and the proportion of the lower body, and the whole person is loose, it looks more spirit.

If the skeleton is large, the one is relatively high, and the use of expansion to modify the upper body will be more awkward, and the style is easy to conflict. It is easy to see more, it is better to accept its own characteristics, and use the large color block of the profile. To enlarge your strength, although there may be no way to take a sweet and cute girl route, it will make people look spiritual and fashionable.

I don't know if you have seen Zhang Xueying's "dog thirteen", telling a story of a girl who is forced to grow up.

The acne is clearly visible on the taps of Su Yan, but it does not hinder the role of the role.