Li Xiaoyu is still quite wearing, cotton wear sweater to unlock new fashion, with "metal pants" not too tide

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Li Xiaoyu is still quite wearing, cotton wear sweater to unlock new fashion, with "metal pants" not too tide

2021-12-01 18:10:15 60 ℃

The dressing style of women in different ages is not big. After all, the constant d of the social era has changed, so many women have dressed in this piece of trendy personality, and we have been we think that it is forty or five years old. Women in the wind route, their clothes can also be like a fashion trend of 20 years old, as long as this trend is not so exaggerated, it will not make people feel improper, but the opposite can create a frozen age. a feeling of.

Li Xiaoyu wears parsing

Li Xiaoyu's clothing is very good, but few people pay attention to her, this is not going to look at the style of the streets, let's look at the still fashion trend, let's see what is the style of this model worth we go Focus on the place.

Cotton clothes have been popular in each family decades ago, and the design style of the lotus root has always been the classic match in cotton clothes, but we still choose the past multi-story lotus rod cotton clothes, it will be very Backward rustic.

Bread cotton clothes

So I will recommend everyone to go to the Amway single-oriented or small design lotus cotton clothing, such as Li Xiaoyu's bread costume, which is a special hot young cotton clothing in these two years, its design style will feel cute and energetic Mainly, the upper body effect comes with youthful young popular rhyme, and this focusing on the extension of the design, slightly bloated, but the type of short-decorated design is not cumbersome, the opposite is not enough.

On the color, this kind of deep blue rendered cotton clothing, giving people a sense of depth, will give people a man's wear effect, but today is very popular, handsome, handsome and other style, for tradition Single women's sweet, mature women, and elegant and other styles will make us more refreshing, giving people a feeling of life, and for some long-distance and superior girls, This kind of dressing feels well to avoid unnecessary men.

The style of cotton clothes is very good. As we have chosen the single item of cotton clothes, in fact, there is a thin T-shirt in the Nili, but the weather in the north is very cold, so Li Xiaoyu's cotton clothes + sweater dress up, Like a northern girl is worth reference. In this shape, you can see that Li Xiaoyu chooses the sweater of this hooded design. It is also very bF wind. The loose version + hooded design style comes with love, the lining is very warm in the cotton clothes.

A good look, the color must be a consistent hue, but the cotton clothes are not like coats and leather, and they want to create a personal daemon, and we need to learn more through cotton clothes. .

Looking at Li Xiaoyu is very deeply well known, so I chose the style of "metal pants" to match, we can see that this jeans with big gold foil elements, it is very dazzling.

The version is loose design style, there is a fan, like the usual Amway, the wide-leg version of the jeans does not give people a unique feeling, but joining two big gold foil elements seem to be very hip-hop. Such a sexy creation of a small young trend, very unfustful, and very unfustful to create a sexy in the ordinary cotton clothing style.

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