It's amazing, how is Yang Chao expresses an exotic style?

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It's amazing, how is Yang Chao expresses an exotic style?

2021-12-01 18:08:50 33 ℃

Recently, he saw Yang Chao's shape and double hot. This time the exotic photo is stunned again.

I also remember that she also had a photo of the photo in the beginning of this month, in the snowy mountain, as if it is a god girl, beauty suffocating.

▲ These two sets of photos are simply a pair of red-blue CPs.

Let me not help but feel the emotions, beyond your sister is too suitable for this style with national winds. The previous woman's sweet girl, a little confidently of the pretty smart foreign princess.

That's how to talk to everyone today, how do you build an exotic style, and what can we learn from it?

How is she HOLD living in an exotic style?

You don't have to say more, you should also be able to see the five senses that surpass your sister obviously exquisite, especially the lines of the lower jaw, delicate and smaller.

I saw that some netizens said that she was CG, I still had doubts, and then I checked, oh - the perfect value of the second yuan, I understand it, please forgive me I can't keep up with these trends. Words.

▲ There is also the definition of CG Yan Yan.

She is more than five senses, the line is smooth, the proportion of the five eyes in the trial is also very good, and people can't help but lame: Scorpio, this is the real existence of the real existence? !

Beyond your sister's face is very little blunt. When she looks at her, she is more cool, and there is also a hairstyle and clothing, so they can show the style in the snowy mountain.

▲ You have to pay attention to her eyes, there is a kind of illiterate, when you think about thinking, it seems to have a story.

For our ordinary girls, I want to build this exotic emotion, and I need to pay attention to the behavior.

Don't have the eyes of avoiding, don't have twists and kneaded movements, just show your beauty.

▲ Beyond the sister is doing very well at this point, it is easy to feel, and there is no feeling.

Emotional management

Nowadays, more and more girls are keen to take a group of photo photos. The beautiful photo is more inseparable from development, makeup, apparel and expression management.

So there is a little lens phobia or some sisters who are rarely taking pictures. It is easy to know when I shoot a photo, and my hand does not know where to swim.

Even this universal scissors, but there is no way to use when shooting ancient style.

At this time, we can use the props, you can be a bunch of flowers, or a piano.

▲ Beyond your sister uses the bells and drums in her hands.

If there is no item around you can be used as a props, then the hand and the costume on your body are the best props.

▲ handy hair or use clothes to put a half-faced action.

Second, we have to have an interaction with the lens. A set of good photo is a person who can convey the emotions to see this group of photos.

▲ or lightly bright or depressed thinking, all expressing emotions.

Look at the photo below, surpass your sister lightly lift your head, and smile is very popular.

Finally, I can move, take a walk or run, let the photographer take your look and action. It is like suddenly appearing in the lens, not just in deliberate.

The photo will be more natural, just like the beautiful, casual and moving in the unintentional.

▲ The ancient spiritual exotic princess is so beautiful.

What should I pay attention to?

In fact, the most important part of ancient wind makeup is the hook of eyebrows, can't be a brow of Han Feng, and it can't be the big eyebrows in Europe and America.

There are many kinds of eyebrows in the ancient trends, where there are two or three two or three to give sisters here.

▲ The ancient blush is diverse, but there is a common point to try not to draw too much too straight.

Different dynasties, different characters have their own eyebrow features, and the name of the eyebrows is also different from the shape of the shape, such as the new moonbow, the water bomb, autumn eyebrows, etc.

The next thing to pay attention is to create a natural sense. The natural feelings here include the foundation of the foundation that the foundation cannot be hurt; the makeup face is delicate and matters; the eyelashes cannot be too thick.

You can vice a false eyelashes, but try to do nature. Sisters who have good eyelashes can even take the eyelashes or mascara after picking up the eyelashes.

The ancient dress is part of the lip makeup, our current lipstick or lip glaze is called rouge in ancient times.

The ancients also made good use of rouge to paint different shapes, but no matter how the shape changes, there is an identical place to take the lips small.

The choice of lipstick color is determined according to the style and gas field of the makeup, and it can be used in nude. "Big" pre-Qin Qi Qu Yuan describes the woman's lips: Zhu lips and teeth, 嫭 姱.

Ok, today's Yang surpass the exotic style model is over, I want to shoot some ideas for the ethnic ancient wind and exotic wind photo, I hope that the sisters have been happy ~