When the public, Zhang Yuxi, now there is a big turn, she smiled: Sister does not care!

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When the public, Zhang Yuxi, now there is a big turn, she smiled: Sister does not care!

2021-12-02 12:14:21 66 ℃

"It's a pity that I have a long mouth."

Whenever Gigi sees this sentence, the mind will only flash a person's name:

Jin Chen.

In the first one, you see her "Chasing Gong brother! "The inside is the observer, elegant, responsible for the United States and grabs.

After a second, you will know: What God is installed!

The thing is like this, before, she lived live showing fans to send their own gifts, a double pitch.

Is this something? I have to ask Golden Da Xi:

"That is to say, it has two heads, you can set with your objects in the same 'Pissed'."

After saying this, she frowned, I seem to be sorghum? But it doesn't seem to be?

I sent myself hot search, and the inside entertainment should not care about it?

So, I went to her other live broadcast, and finally found -

The style is very "fierce", the scene "children are not suitable", everyone is sitting!

Today, GIGI wants to disclose Jin Chen private "another side hole"!

It is said that live is the star's "immersing mirror", the various small motions of the star, instantly can be captured and permanently saved.

But for Jin Chen, the live broadcast is her "female neurode".

On the CCTV stage, she is a peerless beauty of "men and women" in the quiet mouth.

Blingbling dress, relaxing all of the people.

But it is still not three seconds, she: When will I go home, I have to go home to see the crayon.

Photographer: Let's take a photo.

Jin Chen can calm down, a red dress, Ming Yam.

But the lens is open - two people turn, twist!

Don't laugh, my sister is professional.

Now GIGI is understood: the golden morning on the stage and the stage is completely two people.

Sister, this will be twisted, no wonder the fake blossoms have given you away.

Thanks to this fan, not only witnessing the whole process, but also sent to the Internet and users to share the hook.

On the big stage, there is no one can manage her in private live broadcast room.

As we all know, Jin Chen loves to learn, often reading famous, such as "how to conquer handsome young men."

Q: "How to make yourself more sexy?"

Jin Chen: Don't wear a bra, but have a chest, no chest, still wear it, hahahaha.

Come, give me the mouth!

Fans sent her a "boyfriend" pillow, she pointed to a raised little question in the top:

"This is .... What?" "Is it too long?"

Don't ask, Gigi doesn't know.

Another female star shared a warm experience, what should she do when she shared a crying show? ?

Once, she cried very deeply, the nose was tears, and the result of the nose flowed to the stomach. ...

Nothing, I will succeed it back, and the result is sucking, sucking to the Tianling cover a cool.

Wild "Nose Control Master", non-gold morning.

Jin Chen live broadcast, it is really a bit, the soul of sand carving can't hide.

Because "Black History" is too much, she will leave a message from her own sand carving video: "Can you delete it?" "I ask you"

It can only be said that "rollover" this thing is to Jin Chen, although it is late.

And each live, she has a reserved program - show muscles.

And also ask the fans: how, good power, cool! ! !

Fans: Not cool, very naive. (But beautiful)

This muscles level, in the film "Special Police Team", when a boy, pick up the surroga.

Not afraid of it at all.

Recently, the sword of the fire is turned into the first shot of the female star.

Who "Insileen Girls' Bodhisattva", I don't have to say it.

The most intimate is that the body is good, and she has never been confusing to lose weight.

It is the sword to take a short, eat in the live stream.

It is known: Those who have eaten a lot of crab meat, glutinous rice, duck blood soup, fried chicken ...

(Write here GIGI is hungry ...)

Honestly, see Jin Chen to eat, it is true! It is open to the appetite.

For some time, there is even an anchor invitation Jin Chen to go to the live shopping.

I saw her more and more, the more I eat it.

After being warned by the broker, she directly "roar": You don't want me today! ! !

A lot of stars in the live broadcast room, but the female star eating in the live broadcast.

GIGI is still the first time.

Jin Chen: Who is calling me in dry rice? ? ?

Of course, see more than Jin Chen sand carving funny side, see her on the stage, will be a bit awkward:

When my sister carefully opened, it is really difficult to find an opponent in the interior.

Fangmiao, the pace is light, the corner is hanging on a shallow smile.

The Jin Chen, who is getting, properly "killing people".

The lens is close, and it is completely impeccable, and the porcelain dolls on the showcase are exquisite.

After all, who can refuse the stage of sexy and glamorous.

The beauty of Jin Chen, never hidden.

Last year, "Raw Sister", a song "alone in the C floor" put me dead.

The expression management of the textbook level combines songs.

Small wind blows up, sweet smile, star eye.

Really very a female group!

Finally, a set of row of clouded floors.

Call you not to accept it.

After this broadcast, many netizens said, with Zhang Yuxi with the same box, Jin Chen did not lose!

The two people will be reveal and wear two extremes. Gigi thinks that the two are beautiful, survive to pull the ORZ

In the entertainment circle, there is an outer number in Jin Chen, called the most "squat" female star.

After leaving the school so many years, her basic skill has not been forgotten.

Bed, a word, hanging, a horse, a flower type.

When a side of the stage, a side of the stage was shocked by Zhang Ziyi ...

How much is Jin Chen's dance skills?

She is a "flower" that she jumped at the Tao Li cup, and the dance of many sisters who studied ethnic dances.

I heard that this dance is still gold morning.

Not long ago, on the stage of "dance students", Jinchen jumped "Flower" after 12 years.

A wave of tip of the scene of the scene.

The music sounded, and the movements have long been engraved into the bones.

The dance talent is full of Jinchen, and it is also recognized "desperate three mother".

At the beginning of the "Special Police Team", in order to practice eight abdominal muscles, she follows boys to practice.

I reached the body limit many times, but she was hard to bite his teeth.

These years, too many people taunt: "A dancing, can you play more?"

She does not respond, silently hits her own acting, the acting will never care about the female owner, as long as people bring surprises.

In the "10-Day Game", she is bolded by two corners, boldly, and gentle.

The last burst of the show, touched everyone.

This year, she became a house of houses in "Yupu Spring" Xu Fengqi.

Glamorous and spicy, my mouth is good.

Gigi chased this drama said: This drama relies on her facade.

The Jin Chen in the play does not move his eyes, and she is more properly calm.

When "Raw Sister", many sisters said that she was very embarrassed, and it would not be installed.

Later, in love show, I am not interested in Zhang Jike, directly take the blind date to a good brother.

Other Dad said: "They are not as dating, just traveling towards."

Previously, many people's impression of Jin Chen was "love little genius".

After the session, she will be hot because of their relationship.

As long as she stands around, she will be said to be a boyfriend.

But it is biased, she can maintain a sense of sense of the boy.

Green leaves have been in the middle, and it is not slight.

Today, online evaluation of Jin Chen: The boy will be fascinated, the girl watched it as she.

But you have to understand, become Jinchen, all the way to eat too much bitter.

In the youth, leaving home to Beijing to seek school, being crowded in the school.

Many people only see the charm on her stage.

But I don't know if she practiced the dance, it is hurt, and the knee is bruised. It hurts it.

But for the presence of the stage, it is tired of her to stand up.

After the film is taken, she is taking the contract because of the contract, and the Tang people have a long lake.

At that time, she called her "problem actor" in the circle, no one dared to use her.

I didn't take a play for more than nine months, and I exited the entertainment circle.

She is depressed, and she needs to take medicine to take medicine.

In 2018, Jin Chen signed a new company, and the career stepped slowly.

Looking back at the dark years, she smiled and said: all passed.

Today, the career is a sense of security.

Jin Chen's true truth is true.

She never sets, loves to eat, love to play, and love it.

But the professional, she is not a vague.

Vivid and three-dimensional, honest and ground.

It has always been, and Jinchen hopes to be different by the audience.

Very honored, I saw, beautiful pouch + interesting soul.

She has many faces, and every side is like.

What I have walked through the trough is her, and now it is still her.

Goddess is her, "female nerve" is also her.

Therefore, since the "Raw Sister" from last year, Jin Chen's entertainment seems to have "kill" crazy.

You said that she did not have a group, but she had the most penetration;

You said that her work is not much, but she is a "男 男" of the whole network;

You said that she is a beautiful woman, then she is more waved, the cloud is light:

Nothing, my sister doesn't care!

[Forward] This Jin Chen, you can also be like her, the red fire is full of every day!