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Liu Xuehua - Idealaism

2021-12-02 12:15:24 70 ℃

Hello, everyone is good, I am a secret of Libra. Look at the face aesthetics, take you to unlock the star to become a beautiful password. Speaking of you to remember profound porters, will you think of Liu Xuehua? When the young Liu Xuehua, the value is super high, and the beauty is not square, it is a standard Hong Kong-style beauty. Especially her pair of eyes is like pearls. It is very beautiful. It is a beautiful beauty in Qiong Yao's eyes. It is no wonder that they will appear so much Qiongyao drama.

The current Liu Xuehua is known as "Queen Professional", because Liu Xuehua starred in a lot of too many times in a lot of film and television works, the Queen image has been deeply rooted. Nowadays, Although Liu Xuehua is older, the value is not as beautiful, but Liu Xuehua's temperament has improved a lot, and the elegant goddess is emitted. It is really a atmosphere. From unrelenting beauty "!

So the secrets of Libra have been analyzed with everyone, the five senses of the Hong Kong wind beauty Liu Xuehua! We look from Liu Xuehua's face, she is a goose egg face, and the face is full of filling lines. Liu Xuehua's face recognition and plasticity is very strong. With full forehead and apple muscle, facial soft tissue rich, the temples are not depressed, the three-way five-eye ratio coordination standard, self-contained elegant and vitality!

Liu Xuehua's eyes are very beautiful, the eye is poor, and her pair of big eyes, the soul, is a good look. The eyes are clear, the sleeper silkworm is full, and then the root of the eyelashes is very pure. Liu Xuehua's inner corner is very pointed, and the tail is present, and the mature syndrome is burst!

Liu Xuehua's nose basic conditions are excellent, the nose is small, the nasal basal is full, and the nasal small column is a straight nose of standing. Liu Xuehua's nose mountain root is tall, and the nose is mixed with the five senses. It is very coordinated!