Stylish how to deduct Dexeral practical spirit from Tour of Double City

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Stylish how to deduct Dexeral practical spirit from Tour of Double City

2021-12-05 00:02:53 48 ℃

Near National Day holiday, for a long time to experience new cars, there is a time that belongs to yourself, but the body has adapted to a busy work rhythm. Don't know if it will have real self. I like movies, we can relive for the classics of the past. Today, I will introduce the classic black and white movie "Rome Holiday", including lines: "Either reading, or travel. Body or soul, there is always one to be on the road."

Yes, as a person who belongs to the body and the soul, the people who have been on the road have been in the road. TC Jun, who has participated in many test drives, experienced a relaxed, but fully experienced vehicle personality activities: medium-term change SAIC Volkswagen Passat Double city travel, roaming in the scientific forests and food of the wisdom, the capital of the cuiste, feel intelligent technology and food and car.

why Pasatt It is worth our attention, just ending the Chengdu Auto Show, SAIC Volkswagen, the new Passat family officially listed, selling price area RMB 17.99-25009 million, please note that this new car has launched a total of 13 models, 10 models are fuel, 3 models are PHEV models, compared to old models, the price is not big, focus on Building a young fashion look and smart configuration is fully upgraded, can you conquer your young people?

Once a calm middle-aged man, today's double-sided tide

As a new car in the near future, the new Passat is highlighted in intelligent technology and young, in order to avoid the "big uncle", SAIC is intimately launched a young color color: elegant white, pearl silver, there are two new glaciers Blue, Amber, and the classic time-time Xuanwu black, they have to say that when glacial blue + Passat, complete the sports fashion spirit of young people, color feeling can refer to everyone I only bought the iPhone13 far peak blue, The faint blue is very qualitative under the sun reflection. It should be a golden sentence: people rely on clothes, horses, up to 80, down to z generation, can get Get on the new Passat to belong to their own high point.

The front face is the first element of a model. When Hita Accord The young model started, and the family-cultivated MQB platform gives a more flexible tolerance. The new car is bold to launch the four-style front face shape of the star face and the point of the mouth. Broad through the impression of Passat, TC Jun believes this with Yu Jingmin. Mr. became a very big relationship with the general manager of SAIC. He brought the "fashion storm" created during the Shangqi Aquarius. He began to get a new ray from Passat. Yeah, running the question, or returning to this double city test drive.

The two fully different styles of the horizontal chrome grille and dot patterns have given Passat, so that middle-aged people and young people can find their choices. The chrome grille continues the context of a long-standing business style, and the internal installation of a luminous trim strip is installed, please note that the VAS is in the middle of the intake grille for the first time using a throughput. The star front face shows the young people's favorite fashion and young, the intake grille uses a matrix decoration of the gradient distribution, and the model is exaggerated before, showing a very moving style. Can you imagine this actually coming from Passat? Two kinds of matching meets different needs, with the new upgrade of IQ.Light's LED headlight group, create domineering and non-fixed visual effects.

IQ.Light full LED matrix comes with adaptive and dynamic lighting aids, driving on the road, can intelligently adjust the location of the high-light lamp, if there is an object to have a car, it will automatically circumvent the vehicle, while continuing to illuminate front Roads, avoiding the car to give the other party vehicles, directly enhance safety. After reading the huge car head, transfer the sight to the side, the smooth shape will focus on the length of the rear door, the slender waist line and the two-color multi-model wheel showed a stable sense of business sedan. This self-stability is behind the exact grasp of SAIC's demand for Chinese people. In the past, Passat as a representative of domestic vehicle body, the spacious rear space left a deep impression on TC Jun, and this impression is even more deep than the memory of A6L.

The new Volkswagen Passat continues to lengthen the body size, with a long-width high to 4948/1836 / 1469mm, but also increased by 15mm compared to the old model, the wheelbase is more than 2871mm, the back row "Ge Youliang" is very easy, and the tilt angle can be adjusted on both sides. Angle The headrest can better fix the head, longer cushion and more moderate tilt angle, so that the long-distance ride will not feel too tired, after all, Passat's ride objects prefer to stay in the back row, can independently control the temperature and air volume Independent Three Area Air Conditioning Let us feel more VIP exclusive pleasure.

The through taillights are the current popular design. The new Passat is integrated into the design inspiration of the high-end models of the SAIC. It is brightly transmitted when it is lit. Guess which model is it? Guess to find the SAIC Volkswagen Designer to prize!

Technology is the soul, but the original intention of the design is to enjoy safely.

After reading a big appearance, the interior part has been fine-tuning, using a new model of three-wire touch steering wheel and the rear touch air conditioning panel, adding black brown splicing color, the flagship model is more in line with the young Haman Carton audio system.

How to create a young man in an atmosphere? Multi-blocks have made them used to it, but it is really good to test the best stage of the test designer's skill. Passat "actually" is equipped with a three-way steering wheel like golf gti, and the flat mass new logo is excellent. The driver standard sitting posture will be placed in 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock. You can feel that the grip is very good. The steering feedback of different efforts in the ground and high-speed driving makes the driving easier.

Scientific and technological configuration upgrades are quite obvious, Passat is equipped with a 10.2-inch LCD dashboard and a 9.2-inch touch screen control screen, and the touch screen uses the latest MOS3.1 system, car network and mobile phone mapping. For mobile phones, this 9.2-inch touch screen is excellent in resolution, brightness, and color reproduction, and automatically switch 10 color atmosphere light to border color, supports email gesture control, can wavily The palm is left and right.

Let the driver keep the sight in front of Ar-HUD real navigation very fun, but unfortunately assigned to TC Jun's test drive without this configuration, good food is not afraid, wait for the next TC Jun to bring you more detailed testing Of course, TC Jun is more likely to replace the new golf digital interior system when the next change is changed.

A wide range of advanced technology configured, horizontally illuminated front grille, matrix LED headlight, 17-inch / 18-inch rim, panoramic sunroof, NAPPA dermis multi-function steering wheel, 10 color environment atmosphere light, front and back parking radar , Reversing image, variant auxiliary system, lane holding system, boss key (rear row adjustable pair of passenger seat), front seat can be heated, adaptive settlement system, Travel Assist full journey smart driving assistance system , Mobile phone wireless charging function, 10.2-inch full digital LCD instrument, etc. rich technology.

Volkswagen is paying tribute to the auxiliary driving system. From the system name of "Travel Assist", it can be seen that the maximum role of the auxiliary driving system is to help the driver safely, vehicle control is always handed over to the driver, and truly "Auxiliary" role, SAIC's revolutionary restraint of the auxiliary driving system represents humanity.

At the space link of TC Jun Xi Wen, two students with complete space, Li classmates are MPV control, the requirements are large, bigger, wider, and the fat bao will prefer space utilization. Good SUV model, can Passat, as a intermediate sedan, can I satisfy me? SAIC Volkswagen provides a seat ventilation and heating for the front seats, with a temperature of 36 degrees, a double effort of refrigeration, and the double effort of the seat ventilation, creating a cool and comfortable driving for the front passengers. In the environment, these comfort configurations provide not difficult, but in the mid-range models, they are equipped with the determination of manufacturers.

Adjust the front seat to the appropriate position, come to the rear seat, you can have more than 3-box leg space, and more than 3 fingertips, such space is in the excellent model, Moreover, the interior sponge fill is quite solid, although there is no softness of the "big sofa", but strong support will not affect the comfort of long-term ride, after all, as a business model, let the passengers sit comfortable A major point.

What is the familiar taste? Tough as iron, more important power configuration, or the familiar formula, the new Passa continues to carry a 1.4T engine, 2.0T high and low power engine, 280TSI model is equipped with a 1.4T engine, the maximum power is 110KW, the maximum torque 250N · m; 330TSI model is equipped with 2.0T low Power engine, maximum power 137KW, maximum torque 320N · m; 380TSI model mounted 2.0T high-powered engine, maximum power 162KW, maximum torque 350n · m. 1.4T engine matches 7-speed dry double clutch gearbox, 2.0T high and low power engine matches 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox.

The 380TSI model we test is the most powerful gasoline version of the family, with a very high degree of freedom in Shunde's urban street and high-speed road sections. Delicate throttle training allows the driver to adjust the throttle opening of the throttle and provide a smooth and comfortable ride experience for the rear passengers. If you can change back the organte throttle, you can make the driver more comfortable.

The dual-clutch transmission of the mass group is increasingly perfect, and the connection of 1-2-3 block in low speed has a significant improvement, and the rapid lifting of the high gear is more comfortable.

Comfort The chassis is in line with Passat's business truck properties, and the rear wheel temporarily is more soft, passing to the vibration and bumps of the rear seat, even if there is no too much earthquake in a continuous speed, this is a virtue The strength of the car.

IQ.Drive driving assistance function is very restrained, ACC adaptive settlement cruise can lead the vehicle to carry out the full-speed road cruise, reduce the driver's strength, although there is no competitors so exaggerated auxiliary driving function, but can keep the straightway and corner safety , Keep the speed automatically follow the front car adjustment speed, which is enough to meet the needs of the owners.

In 21 years, more than 3 million recognition, the power of the years makes it more sharp

After a day, TC Jun felt this charm of the double character model. In the era of the design of the design, the Volkswagen Passat showed a completely different style. It has a distinctive appearance, and the temperament is warm. It is true that the ideal home model should be in good agreement.

As the "evergreen tree" of the domestic intermediate commercial vehicle, Passat has introduced more than 21 years of landscape from 2000 to obtain more than 3.3 million consumptists. It is undeniable that the collision of the inquiry in 2019 has brought a small impact on it, and the new Passat with many technological configuration is very competitive.

The 200,000 yuan medium vehicle is always the competition between the three brothers of the Japanese and Germany, and the three strong performances after the adjusted day is relatively stable. Passat and Magotan have two major brothers have the advantage. The upgraded Passat appearance style is still in line with business users, and more refined appearance is a young and bright consumer aesthetic preference. It is still a shiny star. It is undeniable that this time is very large, but in the battlefield of competition, it must be bold enough to get the attention of consumers. If you break through Passat, if you break through the self-courageous Pasat, can be in the middle of the strong hand Do you optimize it?