Master these small tips, windbreaker with new height, learn together!

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Master these small tips, windbreaker with new height, learn together!

2021-12-05 00:02:53 56 ℃

Windbreaker military coat originated in the west of the battlefield during World War I, known as "trench dress." Flap which is double-breasted style characteristics, additional pieces right shoulder, to open the bag, with the belt with toner, shoulder haptics, the haptics cuff, decorated seam. After the war, such as women's fashion coat was first, and later with treat men and women, the length of the points, and the development of corset-style, all Zhitong, and other forms of hooded style, collar, sleeves, pockets and clothing the body cutting lines are numerous kinds of different styles. Coat various materials, high, medium and low fabric can.

Windbreaker fabric color, with a crisp in a light color, and later appeared red, purple, blue sea and a variety of fabrics with patterns and stripes. There lined coat, generally nylon lining silk, both soft and smooth, but also to prevent shrinkage, so stiff coat. Coat is quite popular in the contemporary, and the role of both decorative and protective coat, more than spring and autumn wear.

Windbreaker, it is a wardrobe essential, it should not unduly sisters can open the closet and see, you have a few pieces of coat? In addition to the little black dress and leather, losing a single product should be the windbreaker. A windbreaker, classic-fitting to describe it I think it is very appropriate, as well as shelter not only help you to protect you, and help you install concave shape B, it is home travel must yield ah! Especially in the fall when the season changed, such as the current weather in the south, 28 degrees one day, the next day to 8 degrees. Do not wear a coat to go out, it may be frozen dog. This time must be put on a coat, then looked at the others had been frozen into a dog when Shake coat, do not take a cloud. Here's what match

Style1: Classic meter camel coat and knees

Given that most sister heads are 160 up and down, trench coat dress length is best not overshadowed the knee. This will considerably high, and not a little. Below the knee length coat, it would lower the head, more than 165 sister to choose from. Usually wear coat, and the buttons are not based belt, this is somewhat a little pull the wind. Windbreaker pants is best to take the ride tights. Almost any color pants are easy to take. Want more little higher, it takes a pantyhose, exposing the ankle.

If you want to go OL style, you want a little more elegant, you can take the dress, then with high heels, whether dress or a skirt, just remember one thing, that is, the length of the clothes have to dress a little overshadowed, is still a significant tips high was thin.

Style2: knee length coat

This must be a sister to wear thin, and wearing those beautiful supermodel crashed ~ ~ beige long coat is a wardrobe essential classic, not only practical, but also with a very good match. Inside you can wear white or blue striped shirt with jeans; also wore a dress with a pair of small shoes, and it looks fresh and sweet. Open to wear, then look chic domineering, can also tie up the belt, with high heels, exposing the ankle, it is an elegant and charming style.

Style3: neat short coat