Song Hao really struggled for the sake of high, wearing a stomach sweater with a high waist pants, both significant

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Song Hao really struggled for the sake of high, wearing a stomach sweater with a high waist pants, both significant

2021-12-05 00:03:05 33 ℃

I don't know how everyone looks at sweaters, in many people's eyes, its existence is just in order to keep warm, there is not much fashion idea.

In fact, the sweater is a very good single product, or it can be said that it is a magical existence. It should not only be just to keep warm, more is the style and image of the incarnation, the warmth of the warm, improved, improved, Comfortable atmosphere, also let you get relaxation and freedom.

It has never been very fixed costumes, which will not be cured. While shaping warm and comfort, it is also followed by fashion, unique design, novel style is improving the style of clothing, highlighting clothing Wearing highlights.

Fashion and rich form, also let a large batch of trendy eyes have seen the "dawn" of the sweater, and the different ways of matching is also the essential, just like Song Dynasty, a black sweater, short version Type + reveals the highlight of the clothing, with a high waist pants, the color is clear but not sprouted, highlighting the brightness of clothes, it seems to be sexy.

However, it can be seen from it. Song Wei can fight for a high-level sweater, which is highly significantly proportional, which is very suitable for small children.

Sometimes, it seems a simple and low-key sweater, but it hides unlimited care, subtle design and dressing details can break the original dull and boring feelings, you can say that only some different skills and creativity are needed. Can get rid of your dull form, so good-looking sweaters will not be ugly, with Song Dynasty with skill, hipster senior is not bloated.

How to wear a sweater to wear a high-level base color

When the sweater does not know what color is selected, choose black, although you may think this is a very monotonous basis, but you can show delicious and detail on wear, focus on it.

After all, the fashionable people know that black is very tone and attractive, whether it is a sweater or other items, it can show its fashion and sexy, and black is also very thin color, for large Most girls are very friendly and are not awkward.

Short paragraph is not dragging

Many girls like the short costumes, even if they are no exception, maybe short version of the version can play a high role, especially for small children, life is always ready Short clothing, this can play a good adjustment ratio, and can shorten the lines of the upper body, so that it looks very elegant.

However, short paragraph should be appropriate, don't choose too short version, in general, 2-3cm in the waist or 2-3cm above the navel is the best, and it is very sexy.

Fabric is reasonable and not bloated

About the fabric of the sweater has a lot, especially after the improvement and design of the layer, it is no longer monotonous, like knit, haircl or horse sea, etc., can shape warm and fashionable effects.

If you want to wear exquisite and unsuspted form, the fine knit fabric is OK, whether it is the body's fat or a thin, it seems to be very good, and the all-in-one, which can also delay, It is also very beautiful.

With a level and eye-catching

In the matching of the clothing, there is no very picky sweater. It will look very elegant with the skirt or trousers, but you want to wear a savvy woman's gas field, you can learn Song Wei with a yellow loose and wide leg. Pants can create a colorful segmentation point, and the version of the high waist is also very thin! Therefore, Song Hao's fashion is not usually, wearing simple sweater with trousers.

Different sweaters wear demonstration purple sweater cardigan + white

The type of sweater has become more and more rich. The style of the cardigan is worth wearing, which can bring details and elegant feelings, and wear a rich shape, like a long purple cardigan. Plus the design of the rhombic plaid, between white and purple, freshly love playful, with white inner line, color does not feel, the opposite is natural.

White hollow sweater + jeans

The seemingly simple sweater is actually a brightness, it is very bright, and it does not mean the highlight of the clothing, plus the micro-loose version, even the microfatcomment people Wear, will be very thin, not bloated, hanging the neck + V collar, the sexy is not very vulgar, with a blue straight pants, simple and generous.

Black sweater + black trousers

Although some people feel that the black sweater is very boring, it can be used to demonstrate different charms and highlights, solid color design leisure effect Max, with blue striped shirts, stacking, stunning, lower body With a black trousers, the whole is based on the foundation, and it is very suitable for ordinary girls.

It can be seen that the winter "sweater" is the universal single product, followed by Song Dynasty to learn, it is not bloated and the leg is long, the focus is also very delicate, not old.