400 million, 18 years, 23 projects, why do he still not be a handsome guy?

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400 million, 18 years, 23 projects, why do he still not be a handsome guy?

2021-12-05 06:02:17 29 ℃

Q: What is the man who is determined to change himself?

A: I can't find a job.

Not Hu said, instance can be identified

The man named the man is a Vietnamese guy.

Because of the long phase, his way to find a job has been unhappy. When a lawyer, he is questioned by the professional level, go to the interview, and the interview is willing to abandon.

In the long run, the mentality of the Văn Quyền is completely broken.

So he spent 400 million Vietnamese shields, did 9 plastic surgery, just to make himself handsome.

Surgical projects not only have double eyelids, rhinoplasty, tabs, mats, fat filled, and teeth whitening, eyebrows, photon rejuvenation, water jets, etc.

After the recovery period, the văn quyền sent his own change in the network.

Video one, second speed is red, causing countless netizens onlookers

The current đỗ Văn Quyền has become a well-known network of Vietnam, and the agency work has also become a makeup artist.

However, although he spent a lot of money, there were many projects, but after the photo was passed to the country, most people saw him, not feel handsome, but felt unnatural.

Some people think that he is cheated by the unscrupulous doctor, spent 400 million VND Shields should not be the whole.

Harm, this flower is big money, the whole is still unnatural, it is not an example.

Southeast Asian male plastic surgery

What is it?

To usually, we speak male plastic, first focus on South Korea.

After all, many Korean men said in the survey that they will shame for job hunting and love.

As early as 2019, the person in charge of the Korean beauty clinic said that male customers account for 40%.

In fact, compared to South Korea, there are a lot of plastic surgeons in Southeast Asia.

However, their plastic surgery is often less like Korea. Because, the effect of the whole is often not very good ...

Korean male plastic contrast diagram

Vietnamese male plastic contrast map

Although there are many countries in Southeast Asia

However, the idea of ​​male plastic surgery in Southeast Asia is summed.

Their plastic surgery can be roughly divided into two.

Southeast Asian Male Plastic Thoughts 1: Comic Projectivity.

Comic projection shaping is simple to understand, putting itself into a secondary image.

Typical representative example is the Malaysian guy in the FF8 protagonist Schol, Amirul Rizwan Musa

To tell the truth, his original face is actually a particularly ugly extent, the most influencing value or the skin state.

It can be seen by comparative charts that the skin is restored, and the long phase is not ugly.

However, the demand of Amirul Rizwan Musa is not only just treating the skin.

He wants his eyes deep, the nose is high, the chin has become sharp, the overall image is closer to the comics male protagonist

To this end, he is willing to spend 280,000 yuan.

When the "Urban Daily" interviewed Amirul Rizwan Musa, his answer was simpler:

I have been self-contained, and the comic male is confident, so I have to be him.

Southeast Asia Male Shaped Thoughts 2: Replacement of Man Planning

It is to replace human-style plastic surgery with comic projection shaping.

This plastic idea is characterized by rejecting Asian images and is trying to go closer to Europe and America.

Typical examples are shaping for 18 years, have done 23 plastic surgery, and even injecting illegal filler for their own breast muscles, the Philippines of the abdominal muscles - Herbert Chavez

Everyone see the photo above may feel okay, there is no exaggeration, think that he doesn't do much.

In fact, the plastic contrast is one out, and the molar is chained.

Herbert Chavez has been affected by European and American culture. When he is 5 years old, he will make a determination, and we must build a superman.

He hopes that his nose is as high as European and American, narrow, china, as Europe, Americans, have depression and bulge.

In addition to the five senses, he is more likely to change his yellow skin to the white skin of the European and American people.

In order to become European and American face, Herbert Chavez has already spent more than 300,000 pesos.

At the Philippines with high prices, this money can buy a big villa.

However, Herbert Chavez did not regret, in his opinion, this is done dreams.

Why is Southeast Asia?

Will it be in this whole?

Whether it is comic projective, or replacing human-style plastic surgery, in our opinion, it is not a good plastic idea.

The overall effect, saying that natural talks, the handsome is more exclaimed.

However, in Southeast Asia, people who walk according to these two plastic ideas are really not a few.

Just search, it is a large number of examples

According to reason, in the modern, the two plastic surgery have already been buried in the history of dust, can the male in the Southeast Asia still so persistent?

Sheep believes, there are two reasons.

1. The cultural thickness is unable to support the establishment of aesthetic system.

The aesthetic system is not the homework of several bloggers today, and I can develop a few books tomorrow.

The so-called system must be large, systematically, practicable, many theoretical collections with reference value and have successful cases.

All of this is a need for cultural to make a support support. Our oriental aesthetic system is deeply rooted in the culture.

For example, I saw underwater fairy, everyone's first reaction was that she was Luo Shen, which is a cultural identity and aesthetic resonance of thousands of years.

So, is there a country in Southeast Asia with your own culture?

There is also.

Just too little, too shallow, and I can't support the establishment of a aesthetic system.

Examples of Vietnam, in the feudal period, it was attached to China and the feudal period, and it was a French protected country and was also killed by the United States.

Really announced that the national unity is 45 years ago.

In this way, how can it be in the country that they all cost itselves?

There is no corresponding cultural thickness, and the aesthetic system naturally cannot be established, and can only be blindly pursued.

When people can't recognize themselves, there is no extra energy to think about it.

They just want to find the most popular, just want to be abandoned by the times.

Perhaps this is popular, it is a Japanese cowherma, but also this popular, is a male model in Europe and America.

In their view, it is not important, as long as it is close to powerful.

2, backward economic strikes to make aesthetic progress

In addition to the cultural thickness, there is a little economic strength.

The backward country is not only available in diplomacy, and it is unable to lead the trend in aesthetics.

There is a saying, Europe and the United States and Japan-Korean cultural thickness are not deeply won by the country in Southeast Asia.

The sheep still remembers the Korean driver mistakenly put the royal tomb as a soil slope and stop the car above the news.

However, the economic strength of Europe and the United States and Japan is not negligible.

The 2020 GDP data released by the World Bank:

The United States, Germany, the UK occupied the top five, Japan stabilized the top three, although South Korea was backward, but it was also in the top ten of the world.

Country in Southeast Asia, only Indonesia squeezed into the top twenty

"Wharf is real and the best gift festival, the food and eater know". "

When there is a region even the basic survival needs are difficult to meet, how can the local people pursue aesthetic spiritual field?

Netizens think that the Vietnamese version "Biography" is their spoof, in fact, it is the result of their seriously shoot.

After all, they did the 2020 large costume TV servants.

It is insufficient cultural thickness, and the economic strength is far behind, and the aesthetics of the nationals have no way to improve.

For them, the aesthetics cannot be ivive.

Get an iconic aesthetic, and it is impossible to do globally.

Because, those singularity of Southeast Asian tribe is in fact in history, in order to make women become ugly, more convenient for men's control.

For example, texture, black teeth, big ear, long neck

Men itself is more careless than women, looking forward to the same strength.

Therefore, in this case, Southeast Asia is easy to follow the aesthetic flow of others.

This other people can be aesthetic aesthetics in Japan, or the individual heroism of Europe and America, but it will not be aesthetic in Southeast Asia belonging to their own.

As a Southeast Asian, there is no Southeast Asian aesthetic system for reference, and the adaptation of the whole will naturally be low.

The result of the big probability is also unnatural from the unhealthy look.

However, interesting is that women's plastic surgery and aesthetic pursuit of women in Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia are completely different from their male compatriots.

Interested sisters are praise in the end of the text, the sheep see if you want to write one ~

I want to see it here.