Women are getting faster after marriage, want to keep young, in addition to skin care, but also to do 4 things

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Women are getting faster after marriage, want to keep young, in addition to skin care, but also to do 4 things

2022-01-03 00:04:37 40 ℃

I don't know if you are like a small squid, I will not expect the New Year after you get married. Will think that the New Year is old!

Today, small squid and everyone talk, the woman is getting faster after marriage, wants to keep young, except for skin care, but also do 4 things. Let's take a look!

1st thing: keep the skin water

We all know that with the growth of age, the skin water branch is serious, especially after being born, I always feel old.

In fact, it is a very important thing to do a good job of water moisture. Only if we guarantee that our skin is sufficient, the skin is not so easy to relax, in order to make the skin look water, gloss!

Therefore, the woman has arrived in middle age, and she must pay attention to maintenance! Mask, essence, cream, lotion must be used. Delay the skin failure and keep younger.

2nd thing: pay attention to dress

After marriage, don't pay attention to your appearance. Don't dress up not to dress too casually, and the stains are taken as home. Clean neat clothes will look more comfortable!

Moreover, the woman's youth is so delicious, how is it delicate? Of course, we can't use too much to waste, so that you can have your own image. Buying clothes try to buy some classics, often color, it seems to be more advanced.

From today, there is time to go out to go shopping! Clothing is referring to others, slowly get better. Before the New Year, choose 2 to 3 sets suitable for yourself, change your own image!

3 things: pay attention to hairstyle

It is said that "the value is hairstyle"! Indeed, have a hairstyle that suits you can not only give points, but also age, young.

Women after marriage, I want to make myself less than the old, I can't get messy hair every day. Those frost-age stars, their image, age, to largely rely on hairstyles. Therefore, choosing a hairstyle suitable for you is really important.

Tomorrow, I will find a reliable hair stylist, let him design the hairstyle according to your face. Don't follow the wind, do explosive hair style. Not necessarily suitable for yourself, because the face has a gap. One month before the New Year, the hairstyle is the most appropriate, and it will be more natural when the New Year is.

Chapter 4 things: out of dumpling

Many small cute knots have been married, rarely make up, main reasons still feel too much trouble. However, little cute, a delicate light makeup, not only, let us look spirit, better, but also young.

Because cosmetics can cover some of our skin: spots, acne marks, fine lines. Let our skin look more delicate and smooth. I then apply a layer of saturation. Don't be too lipstick. The entire person's image is bright.

Women have been married, they want to keep young, in addition to skin care, but also to do 4 things above! Have you done it?