Park Minying has hung up in the near future!The generous sexy is elegant, it is worthy of "男 女"

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Park Minying has hung up in the near future!The generous sexy is elegant, it is worthy of "男 女"

2022-01-03 12:03:31 41 ℃

I don't want everyone to say, I used to think that I have been working with Korean actresses, but now it seems that I know is short!

Since the private service we look at Chang Min Ying, my clothing is not a star half point. Cool can be sweet, you can be pure, you can sexy, you can't say more, you can wear the same age, the same kind of style or shirt Search, if you are looking for a person who can take you to unlock the new fashion, you can't miss her.

There are three major characteristics of Pu Minying's Wear, the first feature is that the basic model can wear the basic model, using small accessories to increase the overall beauty and level, very identified!

The red V neck needle sweater, put her skin color mixes more white and translucent, with white hook line, the black peach printing, beautiful age, the front and short long bat shirt clothes, take a thousand birds Skirt, while upgrading the waistline, you can show your legs, who can believe this is a 35-year-old woman!

Park Mini's personal state is really good, the body, the appearance, the temperament is all online, and the speed of the foot in the lens has chosen the most basic daily hooded sweater with tight trousers. There are a lot of daily highlights.

In order to wear personal characteristics, the selection of the young green and white, instantly improve the beauty of the whole day, if you also want to enhance the beauty through the basic single product, you can try to change the color!

30+ women are bright and achieved, be sure to understand, and it is possible to ensure that it is not exaggerated, but excessive pursuit of age, but will be counterproductive.

Park Minyini knows this truth, Linger's colored knit sweater put on the body, fresh and beautiful, with the concise menu head and modified face type air Liu Hai, like a female hegemony that I have just graduated from the university, where is it? Highlight!

The second feature of Pu Minying, the second feature of the clothes is the single product, from the outside, from top to bottom, the practicality is very strong, the rice-white down jacket is striking colored striped knit sweater, Wen Wenya's image is not mentioned More delicate!

Take the pure white tight trousers, the way to dress is relaxed and easy to show, the thief is identified, the leg-type high sisters don't miss!

Park Minying Incho, in the selection of the accessories, follow the principle of practical first, this can be seen through the hats that she choose, because of the small and delicate stereo five officials, so she can choose the scalp of the scalp without pressure. shape.

The most common version of the basic coffee color is designed. For her, it is a tailor-made custom, compared to a little "loaded" Beret, fisherman, knitted hat will be more attractive!

In addition, it is that the choice of the choice of Pu Minying Octa is also very grounded, and all kinds of girls can learn.

She is most choosable to be gentle and elegant Moradi color, secondly, I like to have a fresh and elegant Makarone color, and occasionally like to try the foundation black and white gray system, select color according to their clothes and skin color needs, can Guaranteed 100% not wrong!

The third feature of Park Minying, the third feature of the clothes is to like show, and other seasonal seasons directly choose simple and straight short decoupled monophy. At the moment, the current season will pass all kinds of dulles to meet the clothes.

The upper body is good, you can choose the tight-fitting dressing method, the legs, good little lady, you can choose to dress up the clothes, the superplastic outline is very excellent, you can choose The whole body slim style!

If the body is more, it can't control the impulse you want to choose a tight product, please wear it like Park. Tight bottoming shirt + tight trousers, while the meat can increase the whole beauty, the thief is identified.

How to take warm-up effect first-level fertilizer plus down jacket, can ensure that the overall beauty is not deteriorated, but also the incomplete body, the upper body is very good!

If everyone feels that the down jacket is too bloated, you can also choose the woolen coat, the simple foundation has a woman taste, the recommended style is a styles of the slim straight style and the goddess feet!

In order to ensure that everyone is looking good, the color can only choose the basic color, and the oat color is the first choice, followed by a classic camel, brown and rice gray can also try it!

I am taking, if you have confusion, you can privately believe me, you also welcome a message to discuss! Follow the study, we will become better and more beautiful together!

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