The woman has been three or forty years old, and this year is popular this year, and the aging is very good.

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The woman has been three or forty years old, and this year is popular this year, and the aging is very good.

2022-01-03 18:06:06 42 ℃

Woman to three or four years old, wearing these six popular with trendy this year, by age remarkable temperament pretty special

And shortly into the final day of friends, the last day of 2018, with a song take stock of what the most popular this year, six kinds of fashionable bar with a year! Especially for women and forty years, and even the little woman is wearing a super beautiful Oh!

Yellow dress can be said that this year's hot colors, especially yellow also belongs to this "Morandi" color, not saturated colors worn on the body is really extraordinarily gentle temperament was three or four year-old woman wear clothes, not staring at a relatively dark color "black and gray" in two colors, try this yellow base, which with a sweater, then put a black leggings and flat shoes, which was white was thin Oh!

Coat long section, more suitable for tall woman wearing little but women want to wear, then you must pay attention to bring out the waistline, waist coat with two rows of buttons design, worn on the body may well bring out the waist , with a small lapel style, was particularly dignified temperament, it is consistent with the pursuit of a woman forty years Oh, the New year when visiting relatives, wearing this coat, which with a white sweater and wide leg pants this year super popular ride on a wearing out of it, stylish and remarkable temperament.

There are a lot of top coat is designed Plaid, because it is big Plaid, so the atmosphere is very significant to wear clothes on the body, inside a pink coat with a white sweater, high collar sweater styles can be worn on the body warm Oh well, on with a gray or pink skirts are very good, especially pronounced feminine, and then with a pair of shoes with thick design, whether it is shopping or go to reunions are super nice too !

Top coat is striped design, vertical stripes can not only increase the overall fashion sense, but also can be a good thin Oh, because the color of the clothes are pink, so it does not look very unimaginative people, coupled with a women's gold velvet material inside the shirt, plus a leather skirts, sexy and sultry, for all ages, oh, wore super taste!

Check small decorative coat, worn on the body is also very good, oh, the coat color is gray, because the version is relatively small, so the little woman wearing is actually very good looking, oh, and then with a white the inside plus velvet doll collar shirt inside, the tie-in a black, wide leg pants loose version of the type of white shoes and at the same time, which was very fashionable temperament Oh beautiful, classic style is still relatively durable, wear not a few years out of date!

Maroon coat, the front collar is designed lace, so wear on the body is still very significant playful, can look particularly young people, the role played by age, open coat to wear, that is lapel style, wore a very significant atmosphere, inside with a gray or white turtleneck, and then with a gray plaid skirts, skirts worn very significant intellectual beauty, the beauty of a woman with high heels can be oh !