The shape is young and fashionable, the space is still big, the Dongfeng Fengshen MAX is more worth buying?

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The shape is young and fashionable, the space is still big, the Dongfeng Fengshen MAX is more worth buying?

2022-01-04 00:03:33 37 ℃

Dongfeng Fengshen MAX (Picture | Configuration | Inquiry) (Picture | Configuration | Inquiry) Based on Dongfeng Fengshen DSMA architecture, it is also a good strength as a flagship sedan in the brand. The new car is positioned with a compact family, a total of 6 models, guiding the price range of 9.39-1259 million yuan.

炫 Max minimum price: 93,900

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First, from the look, Yu Xuan MAX has a new design style, and the whole vehicle is even more powerful. The front face is close to the boundary network, the embedded black rectangular grille, the two sides have silver-plated chrome decoration, broaden the horizontal visual effect of the front of the head, the official put this China Net "Fighting Digital Grid". It is also very spiritual. There is also a huge ventilation in the body. The sharp front headlights on both sides are very impact, the minimum model is a halogen headlight, and the other is all configured with LED farth lamp, LED day and automatic headlights.

The side of the body is more biased to a coupe design, and the entire body line is very smooth, and the segmented waistline looks more leveling. The shape of the C-column back is also the current popular style. In terms of body size, the length and width height is 4797/1870 / 1475mm, and the shaft distance is 2770mm. The full standard main driving position keyless entry function.

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The design of the car should look more fresh, and the matching of a variety of tangers looks very fierce. The through-type taillights are indispensable, and it is integrated into chrome-plated decoration, increasing the level of level. The body is surrounded by a bilateral double-out exhaust decoration. In addition to the minimum modeling model, all other models have rear parking radar and reversing images, and the high-cost models have 360 ​​panoramic images, reversing car side warning systems and automatic parking.

The interior design is also firmly grasped in the preferences of young people, following the trend. The entire central control is biased towards the driver side more humane and easy to operate. The center console and the door panel have more soft materials package, as well as the decoration of the fur, and the feel is delicate. The flat moving steering wheel of the leather, the multi-function button size is very large, and it is very convenient to make a shift docking. The instrument panel uses a 12.3-inch full liquid crystal display, and the vehicle information is rich, and the UI animation is also very cool.

The full system standards 10.25 inches of central control screens, and there is a bit 3D surface effect. Function supports real-time road condition navigation, mobile Internet, voice recognition control, and mainstream configurations such as car networking, the smoothness of the vehicle system is not bad. There is also a bright spot here, which is independent air conditioning control, designing the screen and air conditioning air outlets, turning into the touch operation of the horizontal strip, very fresh. The touch area below the screen is used to operate the vehicle system and driving mode. The shape of the electronic shift lever is small, and the grip is more comfortable. The storage space of the entire front row is very large, and the center console is also a hollow design, which can put some daily debris. Blocking the front of the store is placed in two mobile phones, but it is not equipped with wireless charging. There is only one USB interface in front row, and the number is a bit less.

The minimum modeling type uses the fabric seat, most models are equipped with imitation leather seats, and support the main driving seat electric regulation, two high-speed models will have a seat ventilation, massage and memory function of the main driving position. In the same model, the configuration is quite complete. The entire front seat design is wide and thick. The filler is relatively soft, and the ride experience is very comfortable.

After all, the length of the body and the wheelbase are more advantageous in the compact sedan, so the space of the entire back row is still very spacious. The 1000cm experience of the height is ride, and there is still two punches in the leg space. There is also a punch in the head space, which is fully able to meet the daily household. The bumps of the middle floor are relatively low, and three people will not be too crowded. The rear row is configured with a USB interface and a separate air conditioning outlet.

In terms of power, 炫 MAX is equipped with 1.5T engine, maximum power 190 horsepower, peak torque 300 cattle, meter, matching seven-speed wet double clutch gearbox. The mixed model is also a 1.5T engine, the engine maximum power is 163 horsepower, the motor maximum power 177 horsepower, matches the E-CVT transmission.

Recommended model: 2021 1.5T super bright tide dad version of the guide price of 103,900 yuan

As a household car, it is recommended to choose a fuel version, super bright tide dad version. More rich in security configuration, the number of airbags is large enough and with active brake function. The 7-inch dashboard screen in the car and the 10.25 inches of central control screen have a good technology. Auxiliary configuration, parking radar and reversing images, it is fully able to meet daily urban parking, so it is more recommended to choose a super bright tide dad version.