There are these features on your face, you can also do the goddess of frost.

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There are these features on your face, you can also do the goddess of frost.

2022-01-04 00:03:53 39 ℃

The beauty is not in the skin, I believe everyone has heard this sentence. The skin aging is a problem that cannot be avoidable, but the bones can keep us away from this trouble. Of course, Xiaobian is able to delay the face of aging, let's take a look at which one you belong to.

First, eyebrow bones fixed

The relative height of the eyebrow can tighten our eyes around our eyes to prevent the growth of age, the loss of osteophytes, lead to relaxation and skin of the skin around the eye.

If there is no height support of the eyebrow, then because of the growth of age, the bone loss, the eyelid bones will get a flat, and the collagen around the eye will gradually lose thin. Wrinkles, sagging, depression will appear.

Second, the cheekbone is relatively high

The high-tiben bones in everyone's impression are the kind of high-cooled, difficult, but the cheekbones are an important factor in preventing face sagmented.

As the age grows, the velocity of the face will accelerate, and the cheekbones are a support point on our face. Apple muscle should know, it is the fat tissue in front of the cheekbones. When you smile, you will make it slightly, and the appropriate Apple muscle will take our facial muscles, allow us to stay away from the troubles of the gap. If the cheekbone is too low, we will accelerate our facial age.

Quietly tell you: Many supermodels are high.

Third, the mandible

The mandibular is clear, it will make our face look very stereo, which makes people look far away is the kind of temperament goddess.

In general, as long as our skeleton contours are full, we can support our skin, so it will look more temperament than the same age.

Forward to a friend, see if they have the above characteristics.