I don't have to buy too much in winter, there are these items, and I am showing beautiful style.

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I don't have to buy too much in winter, there are these items, and I am showing beautiful style.

2022-01-04 00:03:46 37 ℃

A few days ago, the temperature has begun to fall. When you choose a single product, you will no longer need thin money, and the thick item is more effective for fashion, and the style can increase the use of the single product. sex.

In fact, there are many items that can be selected in winter, but they can truly adapt to winter atmosphere, but there are no one. Plus the version, color, and the style of style, therefore different winter items can be adapted.

Always listening to the lady in complaining, I can't find clothes in my wardrobe. I have not been suitable for my own type, so I often lose myself, I think this move is normal, but should be appropriate. Learn to wear it.

Today, I will introduce you to the most recommended "five-piece" in the winter. In the style, it is more avant-garde. When you use it, you can show you the fashionable shape, and you will have more surprises. ~

| One, coat

Well waist

In addition to the warmth of warmth, in the winter, it is also a good time to highlight the body. In such a season, the thick style should be hit the high-level shape, but also have a lot of tips. For example, long coats use the design of the waist.

Such a small move allows you to get your original coat. Pear shaped figure is not a perfect woman, so we can effectively increase your temperament and easily wear a beautiful body.

Gripetic design increases retro

The coat is in the style design, which is to meet most of the professional women's demand for work. However, with the continuous development of the times, the girls in different ages seem to be robbed, so they have more Dish thought.

Solid coat, only completed the needs of the basic single product in color, did not deepen the color of the color, it is inevitable for girls who want to present retro feelings, and it is inevitable to be more appropriate, and the college The wind is also clearer.

| Two, Knitshirt

Deacuated shirts to deepen level

A sweater is a use in winter, never makes people mistakes, and the layout and color are very amazing. It is to pay attention to the internal and shoulder parts, this is to remember the coordination can, so that the body will be more docile.

Used in jackets, in fact, it is quite rich, low V-neck sweater, first in style, it is more atmospheric, and it is very good to use high-necked bottoming shirts or shirts. , A small pink is full of texture and temperament.

Single wear slim version of the lamination

There is another role in the knitwood, that is, the inside. Used in the inherent knitted, not suitable for having a loose version, the more it is brought into yourself, the more fashion, but also reduce the chance of bloated, it is simply two.

Micro-tie can also be dressed in a single wear, and the effect is not obvious when it is, but it is used for external wear, you can choose to be more designed like this, wear it will be more advanced, and fashion Feeling will also deepen.

| Three, sweater

Pure black style casual

How can you have a sweater in the closet of girls? As a whole, the trend of sweater is even more than jeans. No matter which color it, it will produce a different fashion effect when it is worn.

I personally suggest a small sister, there must be a pure black sweater in the closet. First of all, it specially dirty, follow it, it can also play a thin effect, compared to any color, its effect It is more prominent, and the key is also a hundred.

Deep sharing highlighting girl feelings

The girl in the college is generally a relatively high risk of leisure wind, and the version is relaxed. For winter, it can be accepted more rich, such as the high-profit model is very good. Protect your neck and heating.

More brunette sweater, the selected white series is more practical, and "deep shallow combination" is more in line with the demand for tones, and the loose wide-leg pants makes the cute feeling on the screen, the cutting short hair is full The first love face.

| FOUR, boots

Shooties adapt to different legs

Some girls love to wear boots, but they can't find their own version and length. It is indeed more comfortable in winter, but it does not mean that all types can be well controlled, so at this time. Your choice is capable.

This type of shooting is still more, it will not be too long, so it will not take your calves when it is used to wear, will give you more space, afraid Those sisters, with a skirt, is the best solution.

High boots with temperament and three-dimensional

For short boots, the high-boot version of the style is more necessary, the design of the ankle below the knees, in addition to the outside of your legs, you can also make your calf look More pen straight, adapted to leg-type.

However, this is only used for thin sister's body. For sisters who are relatively crazy for the calf part, this high boots are still less, and they will expose your shortcomings of your body, and we will be very uncomfortable. of.

| FIVE, cotton jacket

Light color coordination

What is less, I can't get a cotton.In addition to making you harvest more warm effects, atmospheric cotton jackets will make you reinforce, but you can make you experience fashionable charm when you feel warm.It can be very rich, or it can be very light.This kind of warm series, with the same warmth, the whole style is comparative, and it is like this "beige + white + apricot" coordination and cleaner.

Just ahead of a skirt

The high-waist skirt is not two for sisters who like the skirt.The micro-loose version allows you to put out the size of the advanced and curve.

The white cotton jacket on the top is very practical, and it is also suitable for winter adjustment.This season doesn't know how to wear a little girl, use such a template, version of the size of the small design.

Pay attention to daily matching guidelines, use more beautiful yourself!

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