How does skin supplement?

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How does skin supplement?

2022-01-04 00:03:33 35 ℃

How does skin supplement?

1. Hydrating and moisturizing, anti-aging king

The effect of water for perfect skin is no doubtful. The baby's skin moisture is 25%, so it is smooth and flexible; and the adult women, especially urban women, have dropped to 15%, or even lower, the slightly decline in skin moisture is directly dried, skin Yellow, dark, skinless, skin relaxation, wrinkle early and other phenomenon. So solve skin aging hydration and moisturizing is king.

2. What is the difference between hydrating and moisturizing?

Hydrogen is directly supplemented with moisture required for skin cells, which not only moisturizes the surface of the skin, but also deeply binds the skin and thirsty cells to improve the skin microcirculation, enhance the skin's roundness. The water is refined, the molecules are small, and the skin can quickly reach the bottom of the skin, like moisturizing essence and moisturizing mask is an ideal hydrating product.

Moisturizing is to prevent the surface of the skin from moisturizing the surface, and form a moisturizing film therefrom to lock moisture. So don't think that the moisturizing work after using the toner, the essence and the mask, don't have such an idea, do the above procedures, to apply a moisturizing cream immediately, in order to put the moisture and nutrition lock in the essence and mask Inside the skin.

3. Importance of moisturizing

At the age of 14, the moisture began to quietly lost in the skin, and the adolescence of the acne acne is a shortage of water. Baby body moisture content is 80%, and adults are 50% -60%, while the elderly are only 30% -40%. Is it found that the water is less, what are you more than the past?

So, moisturizing is a skin care homework that a woman must do. Will be yellow, long spot, long wrinkles, loose, all whitening, and spotted products will stop just as long as the skin is dry. All anti-wrinkle products must have sufficient moisture to deeply penetrate, to smooth dry, gland and fracture fibers. No water is not possible.

4. What is the skin like?

The skin structure is divided into three layers: epidermis, leather and subcutaneous tissue, while cosmetics can only have epidermis and leather. Among them, the epidermal layer is divided into five layers: stratum corneum, transparent layer, particulate layer, ratchet and base layer, each layer has its different functions and functions.

(1) The coronar layer eats frost, and there will be frostfish and create a dry pattern. Therefore, the fat of us usually appear is also a kind of frost. I have also mentioned facial oil and oil. It is a measures for skin self-protection.

(2) The transparent layer is eating water, and there is no water to die, so that the skin does not have water and gloss. And all of the skin is used as a medium through water to be absorbed by the skin.

(3) The particulate layer eats milk, and the lack of skin will be sensitive.

(4) There is a varicense, and the lack will affect the growth of cell division, so that the metabolism is slow.

(5) The substrate is eradicated, and the lack will affect the production of new cells, making melanocytes to produce color spots. This is why freckle is the most effective essence or essential oil.

(6) The leather layer eats the essence, lacking the skin will relax, form wrinkles. Essential oil massage can improve skin elasticity and vitality, which is also the reason.

At least 3 or more people over the age of 25 will have three kinds of nutrients at the same time, and there will be true changes.

5. Knowledge of hydrating

Water is divided into liquid water and solid sun

(1) Moisturizing water is liquid water, and it will only last for 10 minutes, which will be dried, evaporated, autumn and winter is not enough. However, this method is very suitable for oily skin babies in summer oil control, and this method does not increase the burden of skin.

(2) Dew, emulsions, frost, essence, etc. are all solid water, and the dew is absorbed. After 2 hours, they have been evaporated.

(3) The absorption of emulsion is not exposed, and it has evaporated.

(4) The frost-like absorption is slower, and the evaporation is evaporated after 4-6 hours.

(5) The essence is extremely deep, which can be more than 6 hours, but because it penetrates very deep, so the surface skin is not frost, it will still feel dry.

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