Gao Qi is amazing!Cross New Year's Eve spending high-definition?But people are amazing but not high-quality dress

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Gao Qi is amazing!Cross New Year's Eve spending high-definition?But people are amazing but not high-quality dress

2022-01-04 12:02:03 33 ℃

The resources of our internal entertainment stars are getting better and better, especially when the red small flowers, go to the live broadcast to wear high-quality dress. The cross-year party on the pressure axis, the small flowers also opened the high-definite internal volume model, and we also put on the stage to play, but many times, the stars were in order to wear high and wear, the style of the dress is not necessarily a stunning look. of.

Baby high-definition resource is a dusty, Guan Xiaoyu one night two sets of high

This New Year's party seems to be high to wear high. Yang Mi chose a set of Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture S / S 2017 Spring Summer Advanced Customization.

This set of high-definition is very brand-character, the skirt will "break the deconstruction reorganization" overall dress, the effect of rendering on the T stage is modern and pioneer, matching the boyfriend of Yang Mi's best, such as fans That is like a rock sugar peach, very sweet. However, it is not stunned. For the audience, this is a princess dress of a splicing princess + girl's wind. LOOK. It does not highlight Yang Mi's sexy, and has not reached a stunning effect.

Also selected, Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture S / S 2017, is from the same high-definition series, design inspiration is similar, but in the style, Guan Xiaoyuan is more simple. Take this set of intensive pictures and Dark Settle with Luhan, shoot intensive, white yarn with white suit, like a long wedding photo ~

The princess dress with the crown to meet the girl's heart and the princess dream, the style is very sweet, but it is not suitable as the host's shirt, because the skirt is too exaggerated, too grabbing, and other hosts will Other hosts are far apart, not well enough.

In contrast, this red Giambattista Valli 2019 is more suitable for some, the skirt is grand, but the skirt is relatively small, and it will be more beautiful and more suitable for the host identity.

To say that the high-cooled brand Elie Saab is now the most pet-entertainment? That must be angelababy, this year she wears 5 sets of ES high, and the princess skirt of the New Year is also from the Elie Saab2021. For Baby, this princess is her life style, never lose hands, look good ~

From Yang Mi to Baby's high-definition is a princess dress, singing singer Song Wei's high-definition is a set of Alexandre Vauthier2021 Spring and Summer, handsome suit + sequins petter, handsome, very suitable for the stage.

Compared to the princess skirt of the security card, Song Hao's handsome suit or Li Yuchun is very powerful, the high-level dress is more bright, and there is a freshness.

Li Yuchun is also a fashion, the two sets of styling of the New Year, a set of customs from Gucci, a pink set is Versace, the two sets of style are very unique, suitable for the sexy spring.

Ordinary clothing dress can also be amazing

Whether it is Yang Mi Guan Xiaoxie's deceiving high-definition princess, or Baby's ES high-quality dress, there is no breakthrough in style, still is the most stable princess, good, no freshness, can not achieve the amazing level of the audience. So let's take a look at the female star in ordinary dress on the New Year's stage.

The same is 85 small flowers, Tang Wei seems to be high and "pinch", her two dress is not high, but does not affect beauty. Blue snow dress from wedding brand Nora Reve, sweet feeling.

Compared to this blue fairy dress, this red-style Ya Ying custom dress is more suitable for Tang Yan, highlighting her clear and tall body, and the style is simple, and the royal sister is very gas field, compared to sweet sisters. Style, Tang Wei is more suitable for this kind of royal sister.

In our Chinese bones, Chinese red, especially during the New Year, red is the first choice. Tang Yan's red skirt is the Royal Sister, the red dress of the Yangzi like a bloom, full of enthusiasm and vitality.

Such a word shoulder high waist princess dress is also very suitable for Yang Zi's body, one shoulder hair shoulder ratio, high waist line + high heels optimization ratio, it is the best choice for her ~

Zhong Chu's beauty is very high, I love to dress up, I will dress up. She is also eye-catching this year. Jenny Packham Tail Skirt Dress Outline, plus carefully managed but not with sexy curly hair, thick port-star flavor, let people look bright, it is impressive. It can be said that this is one of the most amazing styles of the New Year ~

Our female star is getting better and better, but it is really not necessarily equal to stunning, then after watching several female stars, what you think let you be stunned, come together Let's

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