How to wear hipster high levels?5 minutes to get a match, you can also win a big secret!

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How to wear hipster high levels?5 minutes to get a match, you can also win a big secret!

2022-01-04 12:02:32 41 ℃

By verifying music: Ai Foujie - Did you feel that the sisters don't think: There are a lot of clothes in the wardrobe, but always feel that there is no clothes to wear? Don't know what to do every day? After a lot of clothes bought it, I only worn two or three times?

After all, the two difficulties of life are: what to eat today? What is wearing tomorrow?

What is the capsule wardrobe?

The creation of the capsule wardrobe can help us save time, money, quickly identify clothing worthy of admission, find personal style, reduce unnecessary clothes.

I. The first step in distinguishing the unwanted item is to organize the wardrobe. It is found in the clothes that you don't worry. It will not wear them, and then you can pay attention to avoid this. clothing.

01. Many times we will make a lot of time, when we look at the shopping, the picture is good or watch it, but it finds that there is no suitable piece with it with it, and I don't know how to take it.





Second, find the necessary items to take advantage of their daily wear scenes and clothes, find out the upper body rate, suitable for yourself. Try to choose a 3 season for a year, the daily utilization rate is high.

Inside - knit sweater, sweater, cotton bottoming shirt

Coat - Knitting cardigan, suit, coat

Down - Jeans, micro pants, wide-leg pants

Shoes - Lefu Shoes, Sneakers

Third, single product composition and matching then when choosing these items described above, you can follow the rules of 70% of the basic paragraph + 30% of the popular models, doing unity, and ensure that every item and most of the items Can make any combination of matching.

The single product color can be mainly in the neutral color or the same color, and then add a small amount of bright eyes.

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