Men don't love you three performances, there is a very dangerous

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Men don't love you three performances, there is a very dangerous

2022-01-04 12:02:15 43 ℃

Text / Bi Xia

For love, we do not have to carry too clear, from among the other's words and actions can be knowing what he meant.

From honey sweet words to drift away, you can get along with insight through awareness.

I have a saying:. "We never wake a man pretended to sleep."

Similarly, we can not keep a free mind.

1. How much love, died between words

In the know almost ever seen such a story, the story of the girl met a wonderful boyfriend.

She and her boyfriend are in love period, the two got along well.

A girl and her boyfriend proposed to see parents far away in the countryside, full of joy of her future in-laws in order to leave a good impression, went to dyed hair.

Because hair color can let her see the boyfriend of a "true colors."

Girl with a 5 hours dye gray hair, hair color, but this was not satisfied with her boyfriend, also this furious.

Rural parents thought her boyfriend said comparison feudal, gray hair color they can not accept, even told his girlfriend, if not stained go back, we can not take her to meet the parents.

Hearing the girl was very sad, but only care about whether her boyfriend back immediately dyed hair.

Boyfriend cares about is the parents face, but ignoring his girlfriend spent a lot of thought.

User comments area out of an idea, lets put on a wig to cover his girlfriend's original color, two parents and his girlfriend not to offend.

In short, can hurt, can warm the heart, talking man, will not let the escalation of conflict.

In the variety "Goodbye Lover," where, KK Tong Chen Jie Wei Wei to his wife's words, again and again to refresh our knowledge.

KK and his wife in the emotional world, he is always a need to be taken care of people.

In a free discussion session, KK expressed his "care" of the understanding.

KK said: "On the surface she (the wife) take care of me, but actually I was trying to let me take care of me." Tong Chen Jie embarrassed to hear expressions overflow the screen.

Everything a man hiding behind a woman sit back and enjoy, yet advertised himself as a "victim."

This sentence devoted their wives cold heart, a Qiexin Lao are wasted before.

Ni Ping program guests hear the teacher bluntly: "I lived for 60 years was the first time I heard this point of view."

Lu Yue teacher once said: "Marriage is not good to speak of two parallel lines never intersect, you have been struggling to support his own way forever."

Who can not speak, let the feelings as a backwater, a hot heart will gradually ice cooling.

2. Do not take the initiative to contact you

Ever seen the movie "He's Just Not That Into You", which has named GIGI girl, she is very eager to love a person.

She was always able to get true love fantasy, so GIGI courage to recognize different men, hoping to find a man can spend his life as soon as possible.

Even though many people are eating a meal is no longer there, she would innocently ask a man: "You are not really give me a call?"

GIGI even for a strange reason, blind date went to the bar frequented by journeying to wait for his appearance.

Until the bar owner Alex told her that if a man really likes you, he'll call you if he does not call, it shows that he did not care about you.

If a male face care little about you, you really do not care that he is, that you will not be alone.

I have a friend around, she liked a boy, always take the initiative to find him chatting, eating and shopping.

Time every day that passes, we all saw it, in fact, the boy did not like her very much, even for her indifferent.

We tried to persuade her or to let her go, she has always insisted, felt just work hard enough, will be able to impress each other.

Ending as we expected, not three months, two people separated.

If you have a human heart, we can not help but think of you, touch you, can not wait 365 days to stick together with you, so do not take the initiative to contact you, my heart is probably not for you.

. Psychoanalysis psychologist Erich Fromm once said: "Love a person is not just an emotion, but it is also a decision to a judge, a commitment."

A man will not unsolicited offer, meaning that he did not want to honor their commitments and assume responsibility. Because among adults, there is no positive response is actually rejected.

3. Do not spend money you take the initiative

Some say that birth is painful ten, the ninth stage is a fire.

Had seen such a news, there was just the production of Ms. Wang, the first thing is to fight under the bed capacity of her husband.

Because she was a child when her husband went so far as to ease the pain in distressed how much money will be spent.

Some people describe the pain of childbirth, like a hammer severely beat in your stomach inside, along with 10 ribs at the same time be interrupted, this woman will never forget the pain.

Hard ten months of pregnancy, but in the end was so treat her husband, which really made Ms. Wang hurt the heart.

Say talk about money hurt feelings, in fact, in marriage, talk about money, hurt feelings most.

Classic "Little Women" ownership Joe is such a person, she bravely freedom, independence, self-confidence, some boyish, never step by step, she began writing in their teens, and want to make money to support their families by contributors writing.

She is born free, Joe is not thinking that the goal of women's life is marriage and man, she wants to live in their own, so she has been constantly learning and enriching themselves. In fact, Joe is the prototype of Luisha Mei Olkote, she didn't get married in her life, but she is not a unmarried person, but she just did not encounter real love.

For each of us, it is a lucky one that belongs to himself. If it is not encountered, it doesn't matter, this is just a normal.

You don't have to hop your favorite things on others, you can do your favorite things, you can live yourself, and you are not the best life.

Women should continue to learn, improve their judgment, polish their eyes, don't believe others easily.

We evaluate someone, not listening to what he said, but what he did.

If he doesn't talk to you, don't take the initiative to contact you, don't take the initiative to spend money, three items have two items, then you have to think about it is true if he is really there.

Women must learn to love themselves, enjoy life, find and pursue their truly love.

As Cai Lao is mentioned in "May you become the best woman":

"Women seek the spirit of the spirit, the way, embroidery, spending, guzheng, reading, just one is one, each kind of knowledge can become a special learning, as long as you strive to a part of the time, each A woman can find infinite life. "

As a woman, we first is yourself, then the wife, mother.

Only love yourself well can better love others.