Liu Mintao suspect Chester dress is not domineering, increase the shoulder too much, with belt true identity

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Liu Mintao suspect Chester dress is not domineering, increase the shoulder too much, with belt true identity

2022-01-04 12:02:43 46 ℃

Sharing the most classic fashion dress, so that you can make a high-level sense in the four seasons, women are not lacking, only lack of stimulating skills, will wear, let you become an elegant woman with taste!

Mature women must master the wearing skills of the coat, the coat wear fashion can show the modern trend temperament on women, the gas field and the style are very varied, and the different wear can make women's image show new charm and characteristics, image Age, temperament can be adjusted through coat.

The design details of the coat are different, the length or shoulder changes can make the dressing effect changes, so choose a coat has become a technology.

The most traditional coat is Chester coat, that is, wearing coats, simple, daily wear or workplace, but routine design is difficult to succeed, and its trend is lower than other design coats.

Liu Mintao chose to design enough shoulder chest coat, showing the domineering of a strong woman, and the sense of visual is very strong, and it is also slimful.

Liu Min Tao has a big woman's gas field, and Chester coat has a wide shoulder, and the belt shows "funnel waist". Liu Mintao suspicious Chester dress is not domineering, and the shoulder should be too shake, with belt true .

Liu Mintao's wide shoulder Chester dress

Chester coat design features

Chester coat can also be called a suitcase, from the name, you can know the foundation characteristics of this coat, it seems like the extension of the suit, with solemn, serious design characteristics.

Wide shoulder design allows coats to be strengthened with shoulder type, shoulder position looks wide and large, quite trend temperament, and the image of gas field and style of style have also been effectively displayed.

The length of the coat is below the knee. This design is just right. If it is too short, it will look a width and length design. If it is too long, it will show a negative feeling, resulting in the image, cumbersome.

Wide shoulder design and belt

Most of the Chester coat is straightforward. After the shoulder width increases, the main body width will increase, and the whole coat will have loose, wide characteristics. With the belt to maintain the neatness of the entire image, avoid visual sensation.

The belt also plays a beautification of the body. The waist and wide shoulders have a strong contrast, allowing the body to show the characteristics of "funnel waist", which seems to have a feminine charm.

Pants and leather shoes

Leather pants are single items that are fashionable, leather pants can show mature and personality wearing, showing image temperament, and is very rich. Slimated leather pants are more tests, but if we do it, you can put your bodily-shaped advantages, age-proof, and present individuality.

The shoes and leather pants are combined together to convex, showing the characteristics of retro-wearing, simple generous

Wearing advantage

The biggest role of wide shoulder coat is to increase the gas field, the increase in shoulder width makes the overall momentum, and the coat will beautify the shoulder shape, so that the shoulders look more lines, the image charm will also increase a lot.

Wide shoulder coat with waistband to make the image more perfect, the waist is modified to give the waist type, which can make the horizontal vertex of the overall body are adjusted.

Different types of coats are different from temperament modifications. Some can make the image more mature. Some can make the image clearer, the formation of temperament is related to the style of coat, and see what dressing temperament in different coats, and them What type of match is fitted.

Different temperament and matching of different coats

Fit long coat

Fitting the long coat belongs to a common and wild coat, the thin and small figure is particularly suitable for wearing a long coat, showing the advantages, but also high. Although this coat has no distinctive trend, it is suitable for many cases.

Fit coats can be used with casual wear, sweater or t-shirts are equipped with jeans. They will be very temperament, fresh, chic, and are particularly suitable.

Pulling shoulder Short coat Wear

The weekend coat can show the comfort and leisure of the wearing, and the shoulder coat has become the most popular coat in recent years. The style is unstoppable. It usually goes to wear temperament and warmth.

The temperament of the short coat is more tempered and many, plus color or pattern modification, and the image is greatly reduced. Shirts can be worn with cozy products such as sweaters, and the lower body is great.

Land shoulder long dress

The length of the garris has increased the length and also enhanced the gas field, because the shoulders of the coats have a sweetness, wearing a stronger divergence, and the wear is also very qualitious.

Long coats are more suitable for long-standing, such as long skirts or long blouses, etc. These wear can highlight the character, elegant temperament, and trousers can choose a wide legs or nine pants.

The style of the coat is very charm, the slim design, wide shoulder design, shoulder design, and shoulder design can shape different image temperament, meet the needs of each age, and various types of women.

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