Ni Ping's 62-year-old foot is full, but the apple muscle is very large and sagged, it is unnatural.

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Ni Ping's 62-year-old foot is full, but the apple muscle is very large and sagged, it is unnatural.

2022-01-04 12:02:03 38 ℃

Many people think that Apple muscles are really a more temperament, but if the apple muscle is too big, there may be a little bit of impact on the overall effect, Ni Ping is 62 years old, her cheek It really looks more complete, but the apple muscle is very large, and this, there is a serious sagging, which is the whole person or the vicissitudes of life, so the overall presented effect is actually unnatural, but to be honest. Dress up with the temperament on your body, it seems to be more elegant atmosphere.

Ni Ping's 62-year-old cheek is full, but the apple muscle is very large and sagged. Not natural, she wears a black dress, this dress can see the whole person's temperament looks more elegant. And this time is a more exquisite earrings,

Apple muscle on the face does seem to be obvious, and the gap is also a more prominent, plus the whole person looks quite a lot, so it seems to be a little stiff. Turn all your hair all, and this skirt wears is also more designed.

The hair is all fixed. This time stands on the stage, you can see the skin color of the whole person looks more dull, and the lips look more dry. It feels usually care for your skin, and it is Too much wrinkles on the neck at this time.

In your hand, it is a piece of clothes, you can see the whole person's shape, it is really a relatively ground gas, and this is the previous, she can see performance, the whole person is still a bloated, she surrounded a scarf, choose The color is lattice, and a black coat is covered, which is more bloated.

When there is an airport, it is wearing a black dress because it is the kind of fat, so wearing black clothes and skirts, it is really modified, but I feel that this dress is worn on the body. It is also licking there, so it's really thin now.

Laughing still is more happy, and fixing the hair, you can see that someone is holding mobile phone in catching her, she wears a black sunglasses, when laughing, the chadi seems to be a pointed After this is thin, she seems to be empty.

It is a black dress, there is a black scarf above the neck, and a coat is outside. The color of this jacket is blue, which is indeed a comparative literary, and wear it below A jeans, the clothes wearing after thinning don't look more young.